Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Return of Cotton Ease!

They just don't make things like they used to and when it's a good product, it makes a comeback. Gotta love this stuff. It's inexpensive, it works up well, it may pill a little bit when washed but it's great for kid's clothing. I crocheted a baby blanket out of it years ago and loved the way it came out. Lion Brand stopped making Cotton Ease awhile back. And, like Coke Classic and red M&Ms, it's back. They listened to public outcry. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in many colors, only the Easter Egg ones.

This was on sale in Michael's. This will be great for my nieces that live in the south! One is going to be four this month and the other is two. I'll make a size 6 Wallaby and a see how much I have left. I bought all of the dyelot that was out that had the most..I bought it all up! (seven skeins, I think they're around 200 yds each so it's not THAT much!) If I am good, I can knit them both in time for Christmas. So, let's not think of this as a frivolous expenditure but rather as Christmas Shopping and good planning.

Now, public, please outcry and bring back something I really miss, Nabisco Oysterettes! Here's a list of other food products that you can also stop looking for in the supermarket. They're just .. gone.

Onward, I also have my Knitpicks Needle Order coming by mule train and that should be here tomorrow. OK, time for frivolous expenditure discussion....I have three Lorna's Laces coming and I just bought two more hanks of STR...I was a very bad girl this week. I was thinking about making red embossed leaves socks out of Ruby Slippers. I love everything to do with the Wizard of Oz and chocolate cherry ruby red is sooooooo cool. I also got Lucy in the Sky but I don't know what that is going to be yet. Need more many to try but I really love the Rose Quartz and will definitely buy it again. I don't have anything solid other than purple in my stash right now.
top row, l to r: Cherry Tree Hill Purple, Cherry Tree Hill Old Rose, STR Scottish Highlands.
Bottom Row: Online, Trekking Tweed, Trekking 126-the covetted color, a gift from Elizzabetty! Thanks!! - Austermann Step)

So, you see, they're all kinda similar. I'd like to make the Trekking 126 but I'm going to make the heel and toe solid chocolate so as not to mess up the stripes. I will ATTEMPT to make a perfectly matched pair. It's calling to me to do it but I'm not in the mood for straight stockinette and I don't have a coordinating chocolate brown that will work here. (Or vanilla, or strawberry.)

The Cherry Tree Hill something that looks like Winterberry may turn out to be Travelling Vine socks next. That's a possibility, being my Lorna's Laces hasn't arrived. After Lorna and my STR order arrive we'll have to have a winding party and take new pictures.

Rose Quartz should be done today!! YIPPEE!!

Time to take kiddies off to swimming lessons. Stay tuned for a sock update!

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Elizzabetty said...

And you used to pick on me for my high-end sock yarn purchase?!?!?

Did you see the eBay yarn links I sent you? ;-)