Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eye Candy Friday - One Night Stand Edition

It has not been a good week. I haven't been to my office in days. I am off today yet again and will return on Monday. In fact, I actually miss my desk and my work computer a little...

DS came down sick on Sunday afternoon and tested positive for strep, one of several illnesses currently taking out the elementary school. Fortunately, the Boobette is still looking healthy. He was home, with a 104.5 at times, three consecutive days which were exhausting for me. I sent him to school on Thursday and he went back up to 102 so he's home again today.

After a few days of feeling 'weird' and hearing things that weren't there (no, not the voices, I heard the phone ringing, my blackberry dinging plus crackling, crunchy sounds) I got an earache. Wednesday night, it really started to hurt so I saw the doctor on Thursday morning and she confirmed that it's an ear infection. This was done ever so professionally, she looked in my ear, jumped back and said, "EW!!!" Oh, yeah, she gave me antibiotics, too.

Being home, I called up my pal, Elizzabetty, who is also home. She came over so I could swipe her handpainted yarn. You can read all about it on her blog. I liked the colors very much and suggested that it be turned into 'One Day Beret' which I was sure that I could knit in one day...or one night. So, we had tea, played show and tell which took like an hour because I haven't seen her in six weeks, and knitted. She has this house in Vermont that she tends to every now and again and then she returns back to civilization. Any way, she's been up there playing, taking pictures, floating about town, looking for a job, mowing the back 40 and handpainting yarn.

She made this one and I stole it, thinking it would look superb in a hat.

I told her that I would knit the hat, quickly, but first I had to finish my Blueberry Scarf. You remember the scarf from the other day? The one that I had to rip back 36"? Well, I reknit it and I was up to the point of where I was before discovering The Mistake exactly when she arrived. It was the homestretch on the scarf that I had the pleasure of knitting...twice!

I took the yarn anyway and put it on my To Do list, just behind this scarf.

I knit another foot last night, wove in the ends and voila, another FO. It's about 65" long.

Ah, my first handspun FO. I'm very proud of this scarf.

Anyway, I got back to playing with Blue Iris.....

Then, I wound the yarn into a ball.

Then, around 9:45 last night, I casted on and knit for a bit. I got all the way to the brim and decided it was time for bed. That was just after David Letterman's monologue.

This morning, I got up and finished the hat. It was great! No pooling!

(I know, I hardly ever show you a picture of myself , I'm like Wilson.)

The hat took me just about four hours to knit so it was certainly a One Day Beret. However, being we crossed over midnight, It was really a one night stand. I knit it last night, we woke up together and I still loved it so I finished the ribbing and I'm done with it. I know nothing about blocking hats except people do it on balloons. I hate balloons so I'll give this to Elizzabetty and let her do that.

Maybe next time, I'll tell you about balloons. I have some good stories about them.

I must get back to tending to sonny boy and spinning something else.


Elizzabetty said...

Your knitting makes me very happy! :-)

LICraftgal said...

Great hat!! The colors are sooo pretty, and your scarf is beautiful too!! Sorry to hear you were sick, bummer!

JessaLu said...