Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Amityville Historical Society Fair and Spinning

Today was the day that a few of us got together to spin at the Amityville Fair. It was a lovely day, low 70s, light breeze, dry, ah! Spinning al fresco was so nice and it was the first time that I did it! I brought my wheel and some beautiful soft and squishy Opalescence fiber that I picked up in Maryland. I am regretting not taking home more of this stuff. It's silky and soft and spins so nicely. I am spinning it relatively thin and plan on Navajo plying it. I have fallen in love with Navajo plying. It's beautiful, it's like crocheting and you get a smooth, round yarn. I thought that one would feel the bumps of the chain stitches but that isn't the case.

Many of the spinners brought wheels and spindles, some brought knitting and some had lunch of Burgers and Fries from Five Guys. I was good and actually passed on the food, saving up my calories for the evening meal so I could sleep on it and make quality fat.
The Bagpipes played songs that I never heard played on bagpipes before.
There was face painting, all proceeds being donated back to the Historical Society.
There were old cars. I'm glad they had these REALLY old cars. Last time I went to the street fair in Massapequa the cars were...well, from my pre-teen years and I was feeling really old. Some of these were nearly 100 years old.
There were old buildings. Actually, there are many old buildings in Amityville. Yes, yes, I know all about that "horror house" and it's really a very nice part of the town. That house looks different nowadays though - This isn't it. This is an old school building.

And there was this....


See the chip on the small whorl? I'm kinda upset by that. I'll have to buy a new flyer. I have the piece that broke off and I will attempt to glue it back on but I'm not sure it's going to work all that well. That has to be totally smooth or one risks ruining their drive band. I don't know how this happened, being I transported my wheel in it's padded bag. I took it out and it was CHIPPED. Drat.

I am spinning the most deliciously smooth and soft fiber which you can almost see on the bobbin. It's purple and it's 70 Merino / 30 Tencel but it's the softest I 've fondled yet. The supplier was "Opalessence" and I picked it up at MDS&W and I'm in love. It was inexpensive and the BESTEST. No Etsy shop, not on Ravelry..nothing. I found her webpage so you can check it out. I'll be buying more of this, for sure! Very reasonably priced, too!

My DH was such a doll today, taking the kiddies all around the fair so that I could park myself and spin. It was a nice day all around. Later, when we were hanging in the backyard, I had to photograph this. Maybe summer is coming after all?


Liz said...

You were so smart. You brought a camera!

It was a great day of relaxing spinning, knitting and chatting.

JessaLu said...

Looks like lots of fun! (except the chip off of the flyer...that part looks like it sucked but the rest? fun!) ;o)