Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, June 29, 2007

Off to the Races!

Here's an update on Sockie. This was Sock 1, a few days back and it's now done. Hubby had the camera, that's why I have no recent pictures and haven't been blogging. I have 1/3 of the leg of the second sock done and I'm starting to like them more.

Today, we took the kiddies, and the Sockie #2 to Belmont Park. It was their first time at the races. We went with Father in Law and DH. DH has never been to the races but FIL and I are old pros. Well, old pros that could be taught a few lessons. It was a rather expensive day. I cashed one ticket all day and hubby spent a ton of money on soda, booze, food and ice cream.

Here's some pictures for your looking enjoyment.
Double Lace Rib Sock coming down the stretch. This is the mate to the one above, who is done and had a wonderful day betting horses.
And, below, a picture of Sockie #1, enjoying the view and hovering over the infamous finish line, which would be the white pole in the back. It was a nice day, the kids and FIL enjoyed themselves, we had a great time. HOWEVER, we didn't win any money.
At least the socks got to sun themselves a bit.
In other news, no new work on the Wallaby. It's been way to hot to put that thing in my lap. Maybe tomorrow I'll work on it for bit, we'll see.
Sorry for the short post and nothing exciting but I am getting tired.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Almost Like Being in Love?

I'm working on the new sock and I'm not sure that I like it. It's STR, Scottish Highlands and the pattern has been changed from Faggot and Cable Stripe to Double Lace Rib from More Sensational Knitted Socks. Why, you ask? Remember what I told you about knitting while tired? Well, I did the wrong ribbing and didn't realize it until I had done 18 rnds so I changed the patter to accommodate the ribbing. I like the pattern, very simplistic but very pretty. I am not in love with this barber shop poll thing going on:
As you can see, it stops at the end where I'm nearly done with the heel flap. I was anticipating the whole sock to come out looking like the heel flap instead of a candy cane but you can't always get what you want. I live in fear that the second sock will in no way match the first. I'm also not sure if this is the same pattern upside down and right up otherwise I would've started from both ends and knitted two at the same time which I believe is the way to go from now on. It looks like it's the same, ... doesn't it? That may've worked. Of course, I am not smart enough to have done a forethought heel to match the stripes...I'm not sure exactly how to do that but will try that very soon. I have that nice trekking and Austermann to work with and they both will stripe so I have to learn that very soon. Maybe even for the very next sock! We'll wait and see what the gusset decreases do to this pattern. Stay tuned for an update.

So, I'm not sure if I love it or not. I do love the colors so, in the spirit of Scottish Highlands, it's Almost Like Being in Love!

In other news, I went to a birthday party yesterday for a friend of mine who is turning 40 tomorrow. I met her when she was in second grade. It was a surprise and she was genuinely surprised. I had alot of fun looking at old pictures, eating too much, you know how it goes. The kids loved it because they got to climb a tree.
In other news, my Lorna's Laces arrived and Elizzabetty will be coming over later for a BBQ and a winding party. I will take pictures to show you the yarn and the food later.

As for now, off to do a few errands. My vacation is over and it's back to making license plates in the morning. The kids will be home with daddy for part of the day and a nanny for the remainder of the day so he can work a bit to support my blossoming addiction.

I am working for FOUR DAYS and then I'm off for another 13 consecutive days. It is more than time to get back to finishing up the Wallaby, setting some goals and finishing up the Brigadoon Socks! Gotta start that poncho, too. All that's been done with that is the swatch and I will have to go up a needle size. We'll be using size 8's and that's what it currently on the Wallaby. Remember the rule, one sock and one sweater at a time or things will never get done.

Updates during the week. Have a wonderful weekend all!

Friday, June 22, 2007

By the Dawn's Early Light

Today is the last day of school and hubby woke up early. I guess he was excited that he's off for the summer for the most part after today. He also went to sleep last night before 8 PM so there was no reason for him NOT to awaken early.

Then, he left, at 6:25 AM. I had a few minutes to play with the socks. Here's their daylight pictures.

Crosshatch Lace Socks. Pattern: Crosshatch Lace from More Sensational Knitted Socks. STR, Rose Quartz. Knitpicks Options, size 1, 2.50mm, 60 sts casted on. Start date: 6/3/07, Finished: 6/21/07.

Aren't they beautiful? They're a teeny bit short in the toe for me which means that they'll fit the normal non-quintuple E foot quite well. They'll probably go to my sister in law in SC. (If I can part with them).

I also took out my crochetting yesterday! I worked on a baby blanket and made 6 squares so far. It's a way to clean out the basement, being I have a ton of yarn left over from previous projects. Pictures soon.

I also started Faggot and Cable Stripe socks from More Sensational Knitted Socks, same specs as above, STR Scottish Highlands.
So, back to work and I'll have an update on this later.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another Sock Done

Hot off the presses, the Rose Quartz Crosshatch Lace Socks are finito!
Details tomorrow, time to rest up for the Wallaby.

Crappy pictures, it's late, bad lighting, more tomorrow.

Good Night!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Return of Cotton Ease!

They just don't make things like they used to and when it's a good product, it makes a comeback. Gotta love this stuff. It's inexpensive, it works up well, it may pill a little bit when washed but it's great for kid's clothing. I crocheted a baby blanket out of it years ago and loved the way it came out. Lion Brand stopped making Cotton Ease awhile back. And, like Coke Classic and red M&Ms, it's back. They listened to public outcry. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in many colors, only the Easter Egg ones.

This was on sale in Michael's. This will be great for my nieces that live in the south! One is going to be four this month and the other is two. I'll make a size 6 Wallaby and a see how much I have left. I bought all of the dyelot that was out that had the most..I bought it all up! (seven skeins, I think they're around 200 yds each so it's not THAT much!) If I am good, I can knit them both in time for Christmas. So, let's not think of this as a frivolous expenditure but rather as Christmas Shopping and good planning.

Now, public, please outcry and bring back something I really miss, Nabisco Oysterettes! Here's a list of other food products that you can also stop looking for in the supermarket. They're just .. gone.

Onward, I also have my Knitpicks Needle Order coming by mule train and that should be here tomorrow. OK, time for frivolous expenditure discussion....I have three Lorna's Laces coming and I just bought two more hanks of STR...I was a very bad girl this week. I was thinking about making red embossed leaves socks out of Ruby Slippers. I love everything to do with the Wizard of Oz and chocolate cherry ruby red is sooooooo cool. I also got Lucy in the Sky but I don't know what that is going to be yet. Need more many to try but I really love the Rose Quartz and will definitely buy it again. I don't have anything solid other than purple in my stash right now.
top row, l to r: Cherry Tree Hill Purple, Cherry Tree Hill Old Rose, STR Scottish Highlands.
Bottom Row: Online, Trekking Tweed, Trekking 126-the covetted color, a gift from Elizzabetty! Thanks!! - Austermann Step)

So, you see, they're all kinda similar. I'd like to make the Trekking 126 but I'm going to make the heel and toe solid chocolate so as not to mess up the stripes. I will ATTEMPT to make a perfectly matched pair. It's calling to me to do it but I'm not in the mood for straight stockinette and I don't have a coordinating chocolate brown that will work here. (Or vanilla, or strawberry.)

The Cherry Tree Hill something that looks like Winterberry may turn out to be Travelling Vine socks next. That's a possibility, being my Lorna's Laces hasn't arrived. After Lorna and my STR order arrive we'll have to have a winding party and take new pictures.

Rose Quartz should be done today!! YIPPEE!!

Time to take kiddies off to swimming lessons. Stay tuned for a sock update!

I Think We Can Make It!

I have 1.1 oz left, 30 something grams (I didn't pay attention to this stuff in grade school during the 'go metric' movement) of my STR Rose Quartz left and only a teeny tiny bit of the foot left. Good thing, I would've cried. It seems that the 360 yards should be sufficient for a pair of socks in most cases so maybe I will consider buying more of this yarn. I really am in love with all the colors they have.

And...I'm already planning the next pair of socks. I'm considering a chevron pattern for Scottish Highlands....but that's subject to change.

These MAY get finished today / tonight. Depends on how active my kiddies are and if we decide to go to the beach or not. Plus, I am feeling a bit run down today, runny nose, cough, scratchy throat. As my mother would say, "That's 'cause you went in the pool and the water was only 72 degrees".....AND, we have dinner out at the Chinese Buffet with some friends of the family who are in NY visiting.

I am also nearly out of solid sock yarn. This may require a trip to the yarn shop. I ordered some Lorna's Laces but that hasn't come in yet and I think the solid one that I got, peach, isn't available even though the website said it was in stock so I'll have to wait 8 weeks on that. I mean, how am I going to try fair isle without extra solids? We'll see....

Well, time for some aspirin and tea and finishing the foot. Take one more quick look so you'll remember where I am with this until next time...
Update later!

Keep in mind, although I'm getting this sock done, I had another Wallaby mishap (NOT A WOUND!!) and I'm still in the same place as I was a week, that poncho is itching to get started...lotsa work to be done. The basement will stay a mess for a long, long time....

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Rose is a Rose...

Well, it's back to the sock for a bit....remember? Crosshatch Lace, Rose Quartz, STR. I am nearly convinced that I am going to run out of yarn. For whatever reason, I had '100 grams' stuck in my head and when I was on the leg and I still had 80 left, I thought I was home free! I now have both legs done and they're gorgeous. I love this yarn alot. The ball looks somewhat big, can I make it through the rest with what's left?
I forgot how many grams it is, I had 2.6 ounces left, which is more than half of the skein, going into the gusset. It's going to be close! I'll try and finish this tonight but we'll see, feeling kind of tired.

It was supposed to be 90 but it's only 70 today. That's good. I took the kids out early this morning to do some outlet shopping. We bought a few gifts. They love to go to the Pepperidge Farm outlet store and buy alot of goodies, goldfish rules in any house with kids. In fact, I like them, too! I got some cookies for hubby, a whole bag full, used my $1 off coupon and spent $10 for tons of goodies. Then, we went to the Corelle store and I bought Abundance, service for 12, plus creamer and milk thing and some bowls. More savings, got that for a little over $100. Then, some pjs for kiddies, a pair of sneakers and sunglasses for the she-witch and some bath and body works stuff to bathe her in. High Maintenance kind of can see how well she enjoys her violin practice....and how much happier she is when swimming with her beloved brother...well, just a few comments. God Bless the man that marries her and I wouldn't trade her for any other baby girl in the world.
Stay tuned for:
1. Celebration of finishing Crosshatch Lace Socks.
2. Cursing at running out of yarn for Crosshatch Lace Socks.
3. Wallaby update!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Shoot Me When I Turn into My Mother

Sigh. I still haven't learned. Don't knit when you're tired.
Yesterday, there was some running around. I started the day out tired and I stayed tired. I also was trying to starve myself being we were going to the Chinese buffet because DS was graduating from pre-k. He stood so still and tall and proud, even with his mommy in the front row, a basket case, crying, fogging up the lens. My little baby is now a manlittle boy who is moving up to Kindergarten...

Even Wallaby Wounder was dressed for the occasion, looking very ladylike in her dress. Hard to believe that she would hurt an innocent piece of fabric. Look for her on America's Most Wanted.

The ceremony included the pledge to the flag so they can show us how they know right from left and how to say the word "Invisibility" or is it "indivisibility"? Odd, that's the one word that always got me until about...third grade. Good to see that kids are still kids.

They segued into a little chorus of "God Bless America". One little girl in the front row got every word to every song and may even know how to say INDIVISIBLE. Another cried from the time they walked out until the time that the ceremony was over. Poor thing. She reminded me of the crying blond girl on American Idol that night. I was so proud of my son! He was really into it and I'm so sure he's ready to go to school and take on some more responsibility. I felt like my mother sitting there in the audience, one of the parents, right in the front. Good to see that mommies are still mommies.

Kindergarten is very competitive these days. I can't believe the volume and type of work they do. Back in the olden days, when I went, all we did was play. The girls, anyway, the boys had to shovel the coal into the stove to keep us warm from the 6 feet of snow outside. You know, the snow we had to walk through just to get to school. Anyway, one of the daddies asked me last night,

"So, is your son in my daughter's class?".
"No, he's in room 8, your daughter is in the other class. There are two pre-k classes but not all of the kids will be going to kindergarten in September because they aren't old enough".
"Oh.....(long pause, expression of worry) are both classes on the same level?"

That got me there such a thing as TRACKING pre-k children???? Was he serious? I answered him,
"Of course". But I was thinking, "Are you for real???" Was he worried about her going on to med school?

Later, we went back inside for the reception and got little collages of what the children had worked on during the year. I didn't eat the cake because I'm already too fat and had another pound of sushi prior to attending this shindig..but I did try some Extra Creamy Cool Whip, which was great! I had it on strawberries.
He looks so much like his daddy in that picture........and so green, probably from the fluorescent lighting.

So, after the cry fest, we came home and it was 7:30pm. My kids go to bed at 7:45, even before I did when I was their age. I don't think the street lights are even on at 7:45. I remember being in bed and my friends were still playing outside. I like the fact that they will enjoy the same fond memories that I have of my childhood. I'm glad that I feel like my mother. I even say the things she says sometimes. I'm sure she's looking down, hanging on the edge of the pearly gates, yelling down to me to put on a coat and don't wash my hair and go outside and stuff like that. She'd be proud of me for putting the kids to bed while it's still light out.

Wallaby Wounder was too tired to climb stairs to her bed. I carried her up, brushed her teeth, washed her up and tucked her in. She was out cold...before the room got dark. He was beside himself with glee, feeling very important and happy and was up for another hour, then he crashed.

And then, it happened, I knit....and I ripped out 6 rows. Why? Absolutely no reason, it's just that I have poor eyesight, probably compounded the problem by crying for 45 minutes earlier in the evening. I thought that I messed up one of the decreases and had one slanting the wrong way. It's very difficult to fix that so I ripped out 6 rounds of about 200 sts....only to was just the end of a piece of yarn that I had woven in poorly and it could have easily been fixed from the wrong side without making a mess. So, I got up at my usual 5:45 and put the 6 rows back in. I also seamed the sleeves and kitched the underarms. Not totally pleased with that. When you do that, you wind up with two holes at either end of the kitchenered part and it was not that easy to sew that up. Note to self: next Wallaby, the underarms will get done sooner rather than later because the weight of the knitting made the sts on the holder get a bit tight causing unevenness.

All in all, I guess I'm happy. I wanted to be finishing this up today so I would have some time to clean up my computer room. My computer room looks like Oscar Madison's bedroom......and this is my last day before I have to be full time stay at home mom for a week. I have several activities planned and they'll have fun.

Knitpicks shipped my order that I placed on Friday. Let's see how long it takes. It's in Ohio and they're strapping it on the back of the mule today. DPNs coming soon and I can fix the Rose Quartz Socks. Also, swatched the poncho and need to go up a needle size (to an 8, the ones I'm using on the Wallaby). All the more reason to get the Wallaby DONE so that I can move on here. I have like 20 rows of decreases left and then 2" of neck ribbing and then the hood. I can probably do the hood quickly, straight stockinette. I am shooting for sitting down and finishing through the neck ribbing but only have about two hours to goof off this morning. "Can I do it? Yes, I can!" (Hopefully, all of you watch Bob the Builder because that's where that's from).

BTW, it's "SUMMER" in a few days. It's also 60 degrees and the water temperature in the ocean is like ... 54. We've been having awfully strange weather. It's nice, it storms, it's nice, it's cold, it's windy...all in an hour. It's what we can call a 'mixed bag'.

I will show you the Wallaby when I have a little more done, like the neck ribbing, or at least some of it. I really liked the mindless knitting of the body of this thing, just knit and knit and around and around and no row counting. Now, I have to pay attention.
Off to rib!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hopping along with the Wallaby

It's Thursday, the first day of my vacation and the next to last day of my being alone in the house. Next week, the kiddies and I will be home from work and school. Me for a week, them for the summer. Only a few hours to thoroughly clean my house while I have the chance finish up the Wallaby. Here's a new picture. You can see that I've only done a few rounds and you can also see that the sleeves need to be sewn up. It's time for everyone's favorite, the infamous kitchener stitch. I don't exactly know how it got it's name. Kitchener would be someone who works in a kitchen. You'd have to be really truly skilled to be able to do this PLUS prepare dinner back in the day. Imagine that, making bread from scratch, plucking feathers out of a turkey, cleaning the vat and squeezing in some time to kitchener stitch without screwing it up... I am going to do this while I have the house to myself. Kitchener the underarms, sew the sleeve seam and weave in those ends. The reason it hasn't really grown all that much is because I did work on some finishing. There are no loose yarn ends hanging anywhere other than the sleeves and the neck. Additionally, I swatched the next project, the poncho. I have to go up a needle size and I need the 8's that I'm using for this so it's all the more reason to finish Mr. Wallaby. I have neck ribbing and hood and that's all folks! We'll wash and block and put him away for the fall.

In other news, today it's 57 degrees. A bit chilly for NY in June. Today is not a day that will be warming up the ocean water making it swimmable by July 1st, no way..jut not going to happen. Once I was in Maine in July. I don't think it ever really gets warm enough to swim in the water. In fact, it wasn't warm enough for A/C for the most part. I stuck my hand in the water and it HURT. That's why the lobster is so good, or so I'm told by the Mainers. You can never swim there, too cold. Like, the glacier is still warming up. I'll have to go back and photograph a sock, in Maine, with a lobster. The cold weather should leave us by Sunday, when it'll be 90. Good. I thought because I spent my life savings on a pool I cured the planet of global warming.

#*!)&&~* !!! I was expecting a letter of thanks from Al Gore...

For summer projects, I signed the kiddies up for swimming (Wednesday morning) and Piano (Wednesday afternoon). You can see little Boobette here 'practicing' and singing. It's something that she (currently) really wants to do, violin and piano. My son has been taking piano for a few months now but he really would prefer drums. Tough. DH is a music teacher and we own the following instruments: electric keyboard, piano, acoustic guitar, a bunch of violins, a cello, a viola, we have a flute on hand as well that we're 'borrowing' for awhile. A few recorders, too. So, this isn't really foreign to them. They WILL play something. While I will have to play an active role in piano class, I can knit during swimming. They'll be in the pool at the same time, 1/2 an hr. Ah....self time, for the most part.

Tonight is pre-k graduation. I'll be crying. I hope it's nice and it doesn't rain. Being I'm home, we'll be picking up the kids at 3:30 or 4, going to dinner and returning at 6PM for the event at school. There will be cake and drinks afterwards and a place for the mommies to fix their makeup. Cap and baby boy...the little thing that I held in my arms...going to embark on his educational career...kindergarten in only a few short months....AND, do you know what he told me? He wants to RETIRE. He sees no point in spending your whole life doing this stuff and then you get to retire like his grandmother. Why not do it now, cut to the chase? I asked him where the money would come from and he said the ATM.

(Flashback: 1966, in the drycleaners, asking my mom for money for the gumball machine. She said we didn't have any, I said to write a check. Moral: times have changed, kids haven't).

It's 8:10AM, do you know where your Wallaby is? Mine needs sleeves. Puff puff, toot toot, off I go to kitchener!

BTW, did anyone catch a glimpe of the Yarn Harlot's blog? She has posted a picture of someone who knitted full length stocking socks out of my Rose Quartz STR. That must've cost her a fortune. They're beautiful but I don't know where anyone would wear them...except maybe while trying to swim in Maine.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wallaby Update

Well, the Wallaby rages onward! I have attached the sleeves and now I'm up to the placket. Here's a new picture:
So, what do you think? Only four more rows and I'll be working back and forth in rows because of the split in the neck. Oh boy! Amazingly, I have the correct number of stitches in a round and haven't had to take anything out. Also, I have hidden the scissors in the house so there's no chance of dear daughter trying out her collage skills on the poor thing.
I think that I mentioned before that I was working on the medium. Correction, this is certainly the adult large. I was thinking that it was kind of tiny but now that I'm almost done, it appears to be correct. Maybe because of the way that the underarms just come up so soon. I like this pattern and I'm definitely make another one or another five. It can also be made of cotton for a beach cover-up or for my nieces and nephews who live in the south. Or maybe a cotton blend would be nice for them. Some cotton blend yarn would be economical and provide just the right amount of warmth for those cooler days. Nice Christmas presents, methinks.
I just ordered some DPNs from Knitpicks, along with two extra size one (2.25 and 2.50) circulars for magic looping. It is a real pain when one errs on a sock and there are two on the loop. This will make life much simpler. Until they arrive, Crosshatch Lace is on hold. I'll finish the Wallaby and start the poncho first. And remember, they send the orders from Ohio to NY via mule train..... BUT: They do make a very good product. I love those needles.

It's nearly 7:30 in the morning and I have to get the kids ready for school as well get myself ready so I can't play here any longer. Only one more day of work and taking the kids to work with me and they'll be home for the summer. DH is a teacher and I fortunately don't have the added expense of summer camp. They'll be doing Camp Daddy. Once or twice, here and there, I will need a babysitter but for the most part, he'll be here with them.
Now, today's project, design other Wallabies for my son and my 2 nieces and 2 nephews and also clear off my desk and calendar so I have time to make these things.....
Stay tuned. Next update should include the HOOD! Plus, I have to kitchener the underarms and sew the sleeve seams. Ho humm...boring part.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Meanwhile, Back at the Wallaby

Ta-Ta! We're almost there! Look at how nice this is coming! Look now, in case I mess it up and have to take out another mile. Mr. Wallaby has recovered from his emergency surgery.

You can't really tell from the photo but I knit the sleeves two at the same time on a circular, flat, not in the round. When I started them, I didn't know how to do two socks on magic loop. It's the same. I'm sure I would've screwed up the increases. But anyway, doing a sleeve seam is no big deal. Now, I am ready to attach them to the body which has finally been nearly completely re-knit thanks to DD and the scissor incident that we don't talk about.
In order to distract her from future surgery attempts, I gave her cupcakes, (the little sheltie that you can see a piece of on the left is going to be 14 in July. She is the best behaved in the entire house.)

and then, parked her in front of the television today with the puppy and her brother.

The Wallaby seems to be very happy.
So, now, I'll join the sleeve in the round and attach to the body. Of course, I have to re-read the directions because they refer to a red marker and I have no idea of them ever telling me to go out and buy a RED MARKER. I think that I know what I'm doing but I'm not 100% sure. I also recounted all the rows in both sleeves so make sure they'll be the same length and I recounted all the stitches on the body and on the sleeves to make sure that I have the right amount. I think it's 288. Isn't that cool? 288 in one round. That should take me 8 minutes to go around at top speed. I know, I know, I'm weird, I just have to do this math stuff in my head all the time. I make things more involved than they have to be.
We also had a nice little pool party yesterday, despite the chill in the air and the intermittent drizzle, it was great. DS is swimming all alone, unassisted. The water is well over his head. I am very proud of him. He wastes a bit of motion but for the most part, he's doing a great job!
In other news, three more days until I'm on vacation. I have two days home alone, no kids, no hubby. I'll spend them cleaning out the basement finishing the Wallaby and maybe the crosshatch lace, which I'll show you next time.
Stay tuned for the next update on.........everything!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

You think it's Mouthwash, but it's not!

See Punkin's Socks! See Punkin's Socks GROW!! Here's what they looked like on Wednesday:

And, here's where I left off last night:

Onward with Crosshatch Lace! Aren't they lovely? I don't think that I have any mistakes although I did knit them together...uh..twice and had to take out an entire round. It'd be much easier with a 40" cable. It looks like a 'hole' in the top right but I've looked at the sock carefully, it's not. It's slowing down a bit because I have a tangle in the yarn and I've been back to the Wallaby. The tangle is all pulled out, yards and yards of loose yarn, but it's hard to manage with both ends going at the same time. That's the disadvantage of knitting two at once. At this point, they're anklets for the most part and I've used exactly 25% of the extremely skimpy 350 yards STR. I do like this yarn. It's not even really all about the way it feels for me, which is very nice. It's about the shading, these colors are really beautiful. The cons are that the cost is high and the yardage is low and I have wide feet. I also like my socks to cover a chunk of my lower calf, no ankles hanging out from under the pants when I cross my legs. When I finished up the blue/purple Cherry Tree Hill ribbed socks, I only had a small amount left and that was out of 420 yards. It was adequate to finish a pair of socks. I'll weigh it and let you know, now that I found my scale.
I was watching Knitty Gritty and they were making socks. The guest, Cookie, who we all know from her nice patterns on Knitty, was talking about doing YOs. It's a real pain to me, first off, they fall of the needle. If you look away for a second, all of a sudden, you're missing a stitch! Pesky.... It really mattered with the Chevron Ripple baby afghan I made because the number of stitches in a row wasn't always the same due to the YOs. Additionally, it's tough to get all the 'holes' uniform in size. Her suggestion was to do a M1 instead. If anyone is interested in trying this pattern, this would be the one to do it with. The pattern is very straightforward and the number of sts is the same per row. Of course, I don't practice what I preach. Also, if you take out a row, it's easy to get the M1's oriented on the needle correctly.

Anyway, in other news, take a look at this, I got up early and brushed my teeth and reached under the sink for the mouthwash and grabbed it...
There's a bunch of stuff down there, pretty colors and all.....
and, just when I thought it was Listerine Orange, I got it unscrewed and was overwhelmed. Take a closer look. They really should be careful about the packaging on these things. Innocent adults could be hurt! Where is Ralph Nadar when you need him???

So, next week, I only work three days, then on vacation for the rest of the week and all of the following week. Goal: Finish the Wallaby and this pair of socks before returning to work on June 25th. I only go back for 4 measly days and then off again for a week and a half, in which time, finish the poncho, perhaps???? We'll be home through July 4th (can you believe it's really going to be summer already???) and doing stuff with the family, beach, swimming, cleaning up the house, father in law will be visiting for a bit, so we'll see how much I can get done.
As for Nutrisystem, I was not a very good girl this week. I ate sushi. It's not the worst thing in the world. I didn't eat a crate of fried chicken or hamburgers, it was only fish. So, I feel full of salt now.
I can tell that you're all on the edges of your seats for this, aren't you? I do have such an 'exciting' life as you can see by my goals. Will I succeed? Stay tuned to find out!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Two Socks at Once!

Well, I have news. I started the crosshatch lace sock. Two at a time, magic looping. It's cake! Let me tell you how to do it............... It took me three hours to cast on and get both socks going in the right direction. I have to figure this out and I'm beginning to believe that it's impossible without a spare needle. I did it and got it going only to find that I had the two ends in the middle. It takes too long to slip and redo and undo and re-cast on. Horrid. I should've gone with my gut, knit sock one for 10 rows, knit sock two for ten rows and then have them going in unison. But Nooooooooooooo, not me! I'm too much of an expert for that. So, three hours later, honestly, three hours, I had gotten them on the needle and had knit about 5 rows of ribbing. It took almost all of that time to just get it started. This is supposed to be faster!

I'm using STR Rose Quartz and I'm working on a size 1 needle, 60 sts around. These will probably be way too tight for me to try on but they're a gift. I am liking STR more and more as I'm working with it. It feels really nice. It's lovely. It's just not enough yarn. I need more, more, more! 450 yards. I want more, more, more of the STR...beryl. That'd make such a nice dragon sock...
Anyway, I did finally suceed with the use of a stitch holder and alot of trial and error. I now have two socks going at the same time on one circular needle and I should be fine until the heel. I am going to have to do one flap and one turn and then the other because I'm going to reinforce the heel this time, using wooly nylon.

Ok, I know you're on the edges of your seats, here's the pictures. The photos do not do it justice. They look pinky/gray and they're not at all that color. It's a dark, rainy day here and the lighting is bad. This is my first sock that isn't a ribbing pattern. This pattern is interesting and fun to knit. Hopefully, I will sail through without a mishap.

I knit that while watching the Sopranos. It's summer, the two things I watch, American Idol and the Sopranos are both over. I am not going to ever watch American Idol again after this season. It's too many episodes and I think that I can sing better than 85% of the contestants and that's not saying much at all. The Sopranos, well, I'll be borrowing that entire series again from the library. What will I knit to?

My prediction on how the series will end seems to be on target. About 5 episodes ago, I thought that AJ would kill himself. I predicted that Tony will be killed and Phil will be the new head cheese, this way we could have a new mafia organized crime series on HBO. So, let's see what happens.
As for the Wallaby, he's still hanging out, in recovery from his wound. I'm working on him in betwix the socks. I am considering making my son one in a maroon color, soon. Little daughter asks me about the poncho every day and he wants that Puff the Magic Merino Scarf. Now she wants the "Sheepy scarf". My daughter is very much into lambs and sheeps and it would be something that I know she would love so I'll probably make it. It's also longer than she is by far so she'd best eat her broccoli and grow a bit....
Time to do another few rows and watch the Today Show!
Stay tuned for another exciting update soon!

Wire, Wire!!

I remember a number of years back, I was at Saratoga. The horses were at the 1/16 pole and a 'man' in front of me had placed a large bet on the horse that was out in front by over a length. A closer was rapidly closing the gap on the outside, gaining quickly and steadily and this man yelled, "Wire, wire!!!" That all came back to me as I was finishing up my socks. 420 yards of yarn, plenty, you say? I had very little leftover. Here's a peak! See that tiny ball!? That's the leftover! Oh my! I was yelling, "Wire, wire" myself there at the end of the toe decreases. But all in all, it worked out well, see the finished product and there is an additional shot in the brag book.

I love them. They're to be a gift to my aunt. I'm sure my uncle will want a pair, too.
I loved the pattern. The STR is calling me but I am really scared about running out. I am nearly ready to attempt toe up, two at once..It must be that I have huge feet. Not long, but very wide. Originally, I had knit an entire sock of these but it didn't match the first one because I casted on less stitches. Just increasing that pattern one repeat was a big difference. Making a sock that is 9" or more in circumference really eats up the yarn. I frogged it all and started again and ran out of yarn about an inch from the toe decreases. I will weigh the remainder of the ball just to see how much I have left over.

I could do the STR and make them a little smaller and give them to my sister in law for Christmas. She LOVES pink and the lace pattern would be lover-ly in pink. Her foot is narrower than mine (as is 99% of the population's because I have flippers).

I am so happy that I have another FO. Now, what's next? Pink lace socks will probably get started. All that's on the needles now is the Wallaby and that's not portable. I want to finish that up, get the pink socks going, too. I may cast on tonight for the pink socks during the Sopranos. Two at once, top down, methinks...

After the Wallaby, the poncho and then a probably a baby project being they're coming in droves around me lately.

More later, time for breakfast. Little bear is saying, "Here's looking at you, kid" so the ravioli and fried rice are a definite no-no. I think we'll do a beach walk tonight, go check out the high surf from Tropical Storm Barry that should be battering us later today. It's a bit chilly at 69 today and the kids want to swim but that's not looking very good right now.
"Here's lookin' at you, kid. Keep up the good work, eat the bran flakes and skim and you'll look like Angelina Jolie in no time" - NS Bear.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bear Necessities...

Nutrisystems sends you a stuffed bear every time you lose 10 lbs. Mine arrived today.
Isn't he adorable?

He posed with the socks and he posed with the Wallaby. Later, we got a knock on the door at 8:20 AM. I was in my PJs working on the sock. I couldn't let whoever it was SEE ME. I totally forgot about the rocks being delivered. They came today!

Isn't that a cool action shot of the dump truck? We are going to put them all around the pool. The kids are supposed to help with that project and I am supposed to be food shopping. They're upstairs destroying the house and I'm here blogging away.

In the knitting world, the socks above SHOULD be done tonight. Maybe not kitchenered closed but maybe so. I like this two socks at once bit. Ok, ok, I did knit them together last night but that's what happens when one knits and sleeps at the same time. I am just about up to the toe decreases and I am getting very excited about it. I will try them on tonight. They're a gift for my aunt and her foot is a little smaller than mine. (a little shorter, a lot narrower so I am a bad model.) My foot is so incredibly 10" in circumference, maybe even more. I just don't know if the STR is going to cut it for me. Even this pair, I'm using cherry tree hill, 420 yards and I'm starting to run low. Remember how I took out an entire sock because it was too narrow? Well, that yarn only lasted to the ball of the foot when I widened the pattern by a few stitches. Amazing.

It's sad because I am considering making the cross hatch lace pattern out of the rose quartz but I don't want to run out and I don't want anklets. Let me think about it. I am going to finish this pair tonight so I have one night to 'sleep on it'. The poncho won't be started until the Wallaby is done and that seems to be going slowly now that I have had to knit it twice. I'm up to the rib area somewhere. I may work on that tonight instead, depends on how tired I am.

Hey, Knitpicks now offers 32" cabled circulars in some new sizes. I have to get me some of those. That should work fine for two socks at once. It's ok now that I have the hang of it, just a little tight. I also want to do two socks, toe up someday. I'm not brave enough to try that yet though.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will have a fo to show you. Nice new socks!