Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Butterfly Bows Socks and Reflections

I finished one of the Butterfly Bows socks yesterday. I usually knit two together, magic loop, but this ball was wound up already and I was too lazy to separate. Also, it was a solid color, it's CTH so there's tons of yardage and they're kid socks. No chance that I'll run out of yarn.

Awful lighting makes for awful picture. They're deliberately big, you can see that from the picture at least. There's plenty of length and width and ankle room in these for her to grow. She can wear them this year but they'll fit better next. You can sort of make out the butterflies. This is a cute pattern and I've seen it in variegated yarn, too. It works. Only things that I knit in variegated yarn look ugly. It's in the book Socks, Socks, Socks but I've seen a free version on the web here. The free version doesn't have a chart and isn't as detailed but this isn't a difficult pattern. It's quite cute and DD loves it. She was running around with one sock on yesterday.

I promise, better pictures when I'm done. I think I'm coming out of my knitting rut and I am going to whip out the Shawl Collar Sweater and finish that up, too!

Ok, so time to reflect on my resolutions for 2009.

1. Eat better, exercise more, lose weight. This is usually number one but I have been a good girl lately. Let's say, exercise at least three times a week with some form of aerobic plus yoga or strength. I must keep this up.

2. Take out my sewing machine more often and attempt to make some clothes for the kids. Even if its summer clothes. It would help the budget and I would learn a new craft.

3. Although I'm generally organized, I'd like to improve on that. Organize my craft stuff, my paperwork, keep the house neater.

4. Part with some JUNK that has found its way into my house and doesn't want to leave. Clear it out, I won't miss it.

5. Keep learning to spin, it's fun!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Slipped Stitch Ribbed Socks

I'd like to start off this post by wishing everyone the very best of the season and hopes that we have a great 2009. Pray for peace and for a more stabilized economy this coming year.

Next up, actual knitting! We're all spun out, time for a post of some nice new socks that I made for my little girl. I finally finished the slipped stitch ribbed sock. Ravel it for the details. I was very happy with the way they came out; they're just a wee bit small. The little girl has grown about six inches in 10 months and I did have to buy her new shoes, new sneakers and new clothes. These are snug around her ankle now so next pair will need to be bigger. I bet I can't get two pairs out of one ball of yarn much longer. She needs to go to a 50-56 st sock in order to get them on her little feet.The colors are awesome! I made them out of a STR mill end that I got at the Fold booth at Rhinebeck. These are all her favorite colors, Dora and Neopolitan ice cream all mixed up with a little blue. No attempt was made to match the striping, obviously. I deliberately used this pattern to break it up. Straight stockinette would've worked, too.

The toes are different but they're really cute!

As for this pattern, eh, so-so. It wasn't that fun to knit (as you can tell, these took me two months!) and I'm not so thrilled with the fabric. It's somewhat dense because of all the slipped stitches (maybe why they came out so tight?). I really liked the pair that I made my son, the Seeded Ribbing, much better. I made them slightly larger, anticipating growth as I made them this past summer. You can see them on the Ravelry page for this pattern. (Notice I told you that the other day as well as today, you can see that I'm still happy about that. I don't know if they chose my picture because they came out nice or the photography was nice but I think it may be a little bit of both! I sure hope so! DH, who is discovering that hand knitted socks are a wonderful thing, truly liked this pair and wants some for himself. I have some woodsy brown Lang Jawoll that I can make him a pair out of but I have my eye on the Merino Lace from Favorite Socks. The picture in the book doesn't do it justice. I was checking out a few on Ravelry and they're beautiful!

Alas, while I'm in get things finished mode, I'd like to finish up the Shawl Collar Sweater which has suffered a major setback. I was sailing along until the stupid instructions had me knit "20 rows less than on back" for the front and it just didn't work for me. I finished the front, seamed the shoulders and guess what? The front was about 1.5" longer than the back. So, finally, I got up the mo-jo to take out the seam and rip out out down to a point where I can fix that, along with the decreases for the collar. What a pain in the @(!&%@. Of course, it's now sitting on the needles and every night he says, "So, how's my sweater? I could've used it today, it is wintertime".

I'm adding some craft books to my library, I'll show you to them next time. I got a gift card for Christmas so I used it. I also think I'm going to order a camera bag with my other AmEx gift card, or maybe save it and use it towards a lens....we'll see. Gotta wait until things turn around a bit.

Have you seen mortgage rates? Hmmnn...maybe refi the house at 4.3%, pull out enough money for an alpaca farm....get the bag and the lens...some fiber...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Spinning or "What am I gonna do with this yarn?"

Ok, time to oogle!

So, I've been practicing spinning out of some gifted mystery fiber. It's probably BFL although we can't be sure because it wasn't labelled. It foofs up when it's underspun and BFL does that so I'm guessing that that is what it is.

I'm having less trouble with the wheel since the last guild meeting. When I was plying up the undyed Corriedale, I needed Lance Armstrong thigh strength when the bobbin was getting full. I have learned more about proper tension and I'm getting much better at spinning evenly. I was able to make these two skeins of lemon lime somewhat heavy worsted weight (I didn't check the WPI yet) yarn.

The bottom one isn't as nice as the first one but it's still very good. They're both spun much more evenly than anything else I've done prior to this and the twist will set much better when they've had their bath. I also made some autumn/pumpkin colored yarn in a light bulky weight that I didn't show you yet but I had some left over.

I also had a bit lemon lime left over on one bobbin so I decided to ply them together. This isn't at all beautiful; however, it was a lesson for me. I could easily see how the yarn was twisting together and work on my plying skills. This was only a few yards, a sample for me. Then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's a strange color combo.

Maybe one more skein out of mystery fiber and I'll be ready to tackle some of the nicer stuff I these:
That's BFL for the Evergreen Grove (I bought two of the Evergreen Grove) and Mixed berry Rambouillet. The lovely one on the bottom was irresistible to me. It's merino and it is lovely! I am saving that one. This give me a chance to try different fibers. By the time I spin and use what I have, I'll be ready to tackle that one and it'll be fall. Gorgeous. I actually love all of them. Not shown is 8oz of solid Louet Corriedale. I will show you that next time along with my current knitting projects which aren't going anywhere because all I do is spin and do exercise on the wii fit nowadays. Also, not shown is two skeins of autumn colored mystery fiber that is the color of the one in the mixed skein above. It's very pretty!
Now, in other news, remember that pair of Seeded Ribbing socks I made for my little boy? Well, I got an e-mail on Ravelry that they'd like to use my picture for the pattern page! I didn't get 'top booking' but if you ravel Charlene's Seeded Ribbing socks, you'll see my socks! On my little boy's feet! I made them! (Both, the feet and the socks.) I was ... honored! So, if you're looking for me and want my autograph or something, I'll be the one in the Jackie-O sunglasses and poofy scarf at Rhinebeck 2009. I'll also be carrying around 30lbs of fiber like some people I saw this year. It'll be really fun to go to Rhinebeck as a spinner. Only 10 more months!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things...

I really enjoy blogging. I really enjoy Facebook. I really enjoy Yahoo groups. Is this why I have no time?

My computer is taking over my life and sometimes its overwhelming. Check mail, pay bills, play on Ravelry, update projects, see what my 51 intimate friends are all doing on Facebook, read more e-mail, play in Yahoo Groups, oh yeah....and blog.

I have to give it a rest every once in awhile.

However, it is time for an update. I finished my Variation on a Theme Koolhaas hat for hubby.

It took me awhile to knit this. The pattern doesn't go all that fast, it's cables, my left twist is wrong but the pattern that I made is perfectly acceptable so I left it as is. I made this out of Cascade 220 wool in typical man color, gray. The fit is perfect. I started on 11/5 and I finished 12/14. What's wrong with me? Sheesh, way too long for a little tiny hat.

I've been playing with my spinning wheel and I'm producing usable yarn now. More photos coming but here's a sneak peak:

This is some two ply plain undyed Corriedale.

There are some uneven spots, which is to be expected, but I've really gotten ALOT better since I first tried this. I have some more to show you as well as some lovely fiber that I bought (guess which color?) I am currently spinning up some lemon lime worsted weight. Not a particular favorite color of mine but DD loves it. It appears to be quite good and even so I'm thinking about making her a scarf out of it. A scarf is boring to knit but I'll have enough of this stuff for a scarf and hat and I can use the scarf for the gauge and actually use this stuff up. It's coming out...even.
Last night was spinning and I had so much fun although I ate too many sweets at the little party.
Time to do some work but stay tuned for an update on my projects!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jumping on the Bandwagon...

I haven't been posting all that much. I've been playing on Facebook, playing with my spinning wheel, sleeping for a change, playing Wii Fit in the mornings, playing on the treadmill, attending cub scout meetings, attending parent teacher conferences, and wrapping it up for the end of the year at work. I haven't even been knitting all that much but will be picking it up full force now that the holidays are rapidly approaching and rapidly going away. Time just flies.

Alright, I will follow the flock and post this as well before it gets old and stale like the socks I'm working on for 11 months....

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
I use wrapping paper almost exclusively.

2. Real tree or Artificial?
Artificial. I love everything about real except the mess. We had real for a few years here and there growing up and they were memorable. I feel bad that a tree should be sacrificed though....

3. When do you put up the tree?
Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving.

4. When do you take the tree down?
Usually the weekend after New Year's. It's big and in the way and I really want it down sometimes.

5. Do you like eggnog? I love egg nog! Whipped in the blender with a little bit of vanilla ice cream. Then, float some more vanilla ice cream on top. Then, a bit of rum and topped off with nutmeg. YUM!!! Now, that's Christmas!

6. Favorite gift received as a child? One year I got a real wooden cradle. I wish I still had that! I also remember really wanting and getting the game Quick Shot.

7. Hardest person to buy for? My father in law. Oddly, because he could use alot of things. Next year, I'll knit him some socks.

8. Easiest person to buy for? My mother in law. She likes all the things that I like and I guess that's why Mr. Right married me!

9. Do you have a nativity scene? Yes. I haven't put it out because its about 40 years old and belonged to my parents, who are deceased. I am afraid the kids will play with it.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail...exclusively.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Once my mother gave me a really nice black shirt with gold trim. I hated it because it was polyester and drove my skin crazy.

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? Movie...I like the original Christmas Carol alot. The 1938 one. I like that story alot, too. I also like The Santa Clause. I always make it a point to watch the ones from my childhood but I wouldn't define them as "Movies". My favorites are Rudolph and The Grinch.

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?
I try to start in September and in 2009 I will start in August. I'm glad that I waited a bit this year because things really dropped in price as gas went down. Also, many of the stores had big incentives.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
No, never.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
Favorite? Favorite what? Food? Cookie? Lasagna for Christmas is nostalgic for me. I like that alot. I also like Chocolate cookies with a little confectioner's sugar on them. Particularly the little cookie cutter trees. And, those chocolate stars, with the little dots on them. They come in a big box.

16. Lights on the tree? Hell no, we use candles. Of course I put lights on the tree! There are people that don't do that??? I don't like when they flash and I've been skipping the garland, makes me think of Saturday Night Fever, chrome things from the 70's and beauty salons.

17. Favorite Christmas song? I have two. First is Nat King Cole, "The Christmas Song" and second is the best singer ever to walk, Judy Garland, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". Ones that make me think of being a child at Christmas time are anything by Nat, Frank, Dean and Bing and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Home. I really like to be in my house, with my tree, and I really prefer to host Christmas.

19. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Comon, can't everyone do that? I can even name the Seven Dwarves and know Rudolph's Girlfriend's name! These are important pop culture and holiday facts!

20. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
My mother used to give us Christmas PJs every year and we were allowed to open that on Christmas Eve so we'd look gorgeous for the pictures. I don't do that with my kids. We open Christmas morning here. They look like ragamuffins in the pictures.

21. Most annoying thing about this time of the year?
I detest buying Christmas presents, honestly. I don't mind making them throughout the year though. Honest, I like Christmas alot but I hate the shopping. I really don't even want gifts. I hate the hassle and just like the time of year and the way evergreen smells and spending time with family and friends. I hate being solicited via e-mail, 4700 catalogs a day, people trying to spray me with perfume in the store, crowds, lousy parking. Yeech!

22. Favorite ornament theme or color? I like my Lenox ornaments. I have ones for first Christmas with my husband, one for each child and one of the Grinch. I love them very much and they're creamy ivory with Christmas trim gold and red and green.

23. What do you want for Christmas this year?
I already got it - a Lendrum Spinning Wheel. Just need the bag....

24. Angel on the tree top or a star?
Angel, DD puts that up on top every year because she's the peanut; the youngest gets to do that.
25. Favorite Christmas dinner?
Again with the favorites.....I like having Italian food for Christmas, especially lasagna. I like stuffed mushrooms. For Christmas Eve, I like doing the fish thing. For several years, I have been spending Christmas with my husband's family and they're not Italian and don't do that. Now that we have limited family nearby, I may get my way and do the fish thing. Maybe we'll make something really good...shrimp stuffed with crabmeat, anyone?

Tomorrow, I may have a knitting and spinning update for you so stay tuned! For now, enjoy some holiday eye candy.

First Snowfall ~12/07/2008~

Friday, December 5, 2008

Just Keep Spinning, Spinning, Spinning!

Spindles. Aren't they pretty? That's our first attempt at spinning. Even Boobette is getting into the act. She's a fiberholic in training.

When we go to the yarn shop, she smells the yarn. It's hilarious. She is fascinated by the wheel and wants to learn to spin so badly.

We're working on that, she treadles way too fast....
If you have't guessed, I haven't been knitting. :(
I have been spinning! :)
I received my Lendrum DT the other day and was able to set it up myself in just a few seconds. I have been practicing on some undyed Corriedale.

That thick one near the loopy thing (technical terms, I know) is the last one and it'll tighten right up when I continue. I'm trying to get it onto the bobbin nice and evenly but it's tough. I'm just a little too short for this and it's hard to see around and over the top!
I may be more comfy with a little higher chair, must experiment to see what works. I love how it matches the decor of my house.

It spins like a dream, so nice and smooth and quiet! Ah...bliss...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's December! Meaningless Post.

And, I have no finished objects. I have been knitting three things for eons and they're not DONE...

I have been lost in spin land. I even purchased a wheel for a Christmas present for me. I spin and spin and try to get better and better. There are pictures coming but they need to be uploaded.

I've been Christmas shopping...rough year, what to buy the kiddies? Nothing with little parts all over the house. I have so much stuff!

Swamped here...coming up for air from spin land, drowing in fiber and UFOs...

Talk soon....just wanted you to know that better posts are planned and to wish you a happy December!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spinning Away - Opus I

I am still so excited that I can hardly contain mysef. I spun and spun and then all of a sudden...I could do it. It's coming out nice and even, I can control the flow, my bobbin is happy. The top one is the second bobbin, much more even than the bottom. I had issues with starting and stopping and the flyer going backwards on that one but it's ok. All in good time, my dear, all in good time...
Here's Opus I. It's not as ratty as that picture, that's just because I didn't tie it as nicely as I could have. It's about 112 yards and I still have some yarn on bobbin 2 that I can ply onto itself for another 20 or 30 yards. I am tickled pink. I mean..yellow. I mean, full of GLEE!Here it is upclose. Nice? I then gave it a bath and hung it to dry with a little weight to set the twist.

Ok, ok, let's take one more look at the bobbin, nice and close. <glowing like a new mommy>

Must see if my BFF is up in VT today and feels like stopping at Webs on her way home to select some more roving for me. I'm going through withdrawal now.

Gotta go and check on my yarn! Happy knitting and happy spinning.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Went, I Saw, I Spun!

Last night I had the pleasure of joining the Spinning Study Group of Long Island. The meetings are held at the Brush Barn, a historical site in Smithtown, NY. This is an old building set in the middle of a populated suburban town. It took me 10 minutes of driving back and forth on the busy main drag to find where to turn into the driveway. It's located well off the street behind an old tavern. This is not close to my home but it is only 4 or 5 miles from my job so attending these meetings will be a snap as they start at 6:30. Some members were already there and settled when I arrived at 6:40. (I was so excited I could barely contain myself.)
I had a great time! I was able to rent a wheel and meet some really lovely people who helped me get started. I only had a few moments to snap a few pictures because I was so excited that I was spinning away on a wheel! Hurray! This is the wheel I was fortunate enough to rent. It's an Ashford Traditional, single treadle. There were five new members and they had five wheels rented out. Wow! Must be growing even more in popularity. I guess I will have to go wheel shopping. Little DD was so excited when she saw the wheel. She knew what it was from Rhinebeck and Sleeping Beauty. I told her that I just borrowed it to try out, that it wasn't mine to keep. I told her that they're expensive and I couldn't buy one for a few months. She said that that isn't a problem, "Why don't you just ask Santa Claus to bring you one? You could put it on your Christmas List, even though it would be silly for a grown up to get a present you could try." She was so sincere and so cute! Naturally, she wants to spin, too. Back in the olden days they probably did learn to spin young. I'll have to research this....(what did we do before we had Google?) Click here for more info and you'll know all you wanted to know about being a Spinster.

Here's some of the other wheels. There were wheels of all types there but it seems the wheel of choice was the upright double treadle. After doing this a bit, I think that I would prefer to have a double but I'll try one out before I buy anything.

I was also lucky enough to sit between two expert spinners who were able to help me get started and before I knew it, I was well on my way. I spun this entire bobbin at the meeting.

It was so exciting. (I think it was number four on my list of most exciting things. Birth of children are tied for number 1 followed closely by knitting my first sock and then this....sad, isn't it? Ok, maybe number 5. Marrying DH has to be in there, too.) During the break, I was able to have a chat with my friend, ChristineA. She wasn't spinning. She was knitting. She was knitting a hat. She was knitting Koolhaas by Jared Flood. I laughed and pulled mine out of the bag. We were knitting the same hat! Being we were in the light instead of the cave where I usually knit, we saw that I am not following the pattern correctly. My hat swirls instead of having honeycombs but it is still very nice. Hmmnn...I am not cabling without the needle correctly. Being I'm on the last repeat, I will not be taking this out. However, I plan on knitting it again correctly. Remember how many times I don't practice what I preach? Do not knit tired or inthe dark. Maybe I'll do this hat again...maybe even use my own handspun!

This morning, I wound it up into a ball so I could admire its thick and thinness. Sometimes, I was doing that intentionally. I was experimenting and practicing.

I have some more roving at home and I will attempt to try this again today on my own if I feel better.

Anyway, I haven't been feeling all that well for a few days now and the lack of heat in this place on a 32 degree night gave me a chill that I just can't shake. I was up coughing and have that burning bronchial feeling so I thought it best to stay home. I need to be rested up and better for another busy weekend as well as a trip to the city on Monday to attend a reunion party with former co-workers.

I am running to the store to purchase a chicken and soup greens so that I can make a nice big pot of soup. All of us are under the weather a bit so now is a good time for this.

Happy knitting and happy spinning to all!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Eye Candy Friday - Fall Edition

Just some nice leave pictures for today!
Still knitting......!

Monday, November 3, 2008

November Knitting Rut

I'm in a rut.

Can't knit when in a rut.

What happened, you ask? Well, sometimes, there is just too much on my plate. I had to clean the house. Now I have the upstairs in a somewhat acceptable order, bathroom is clean, everyone's clothes are put away, rooms are mostly tidy. Downstairs kitchen is today's project, being I have the day off from work. I would love for my house to look like a model house. I have neighbors that have houses like that. Why do I have so much clutter? Where do they put their toys?

Yesterday, I spent the day balancing my checkbook. What happened, you ask? Well, back in November of 2007, I was off. I neglected to get around to balancing it for ... uh...awhile. I found the error, which was due to a store transaction that I logged correctly that the cashier messed up. I then proceeded to go through a year's worth of statements and bring everything up to date. Amazing. To the penny. Thank you, Quicken.

So, upstairs and finances somewhat in order, I sat down to knit. I remembered that I had a knitting accident the other day while working on my slipped stitch rib sock. The Harmony US 1.5 snapped. Knitpicks is sending me another, along with a new cable which also broke (40") and a new metal DPN, also size 1.5 which has a broken tip. Good customer service, no!? Being a sport, I picked up two skeins of that Kettle Dyed Essentials in Ivy, green of course. I can't wait. It's on its way.

I decided to make DH a hat, being he placed his order for one. He wants Jared Flood's Koolhaas. This is a gorgeous hat and is suitable for a male or female. So, I'm going to make him one. I wanted to use my lucious STR of my Rhinebeck souvenirs....

However, it won't work. The yarn is just too skinny to get the right gauge, the hat will be too lose and airy. I think I'll use Cascade 220. While I'm out today, I will pick some up.

So, I can't work on my little sockie until my needle arrives. Although, I do have a 1.5 needle in metal, I'm afraid that I knit tighter with it and the gauge won't match. So, I'll wait. Also, I messed up the front of the shawl collar pullover, so I have to ripit, ripit, ripit and reknit it. I can do that today while the kids are out of the house. Stupid directions counts rows instead of gauge so my front and back aren't the same. I have to fix the entire collar shaping on the front to match the back. Tix me off. I'm home today and I'm telecommuting tomorrow so I can stay up late and at least get that done if I can psyche myself up for it. So, sock and sweater are on hiatus. That's the cause of the rut.

For the same reason that I can't clean my kitchen, I can't finish my projects. Can you say procrastination?

Time to start the hat...yeah, that's what I need. Another thing to do!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Makings of a Busy Weekend

I am so sad that I haven't had all that much time to work on my slipped stitch rib sock. This weekend is flying by and has been somewhat of a blur.

Friday afternoon, I left work at 2 to do a lumbar MRI. It took a long time before it was my turn, I think that I waited about 50 minutes. Much to my dismay, it was a closed machine. I keep my eyes closed so as to trick my brain into not knowing that it was inside a tube with the diameter of a ziti. I daydreamed. I had headphones on. I listened to banging and clanking. This was my fourth MRI but only my first time in the ziti. I think. The first one was in 1999 and I only vaguely remember it. This was my first MRI of my lumbar area and I felt the scan. It was weird. My lower back felt nice and warm at times. Very, very odd feeling. Oh well, lovely pictures. Modern technology, they give them to you on a CD nowadays. No sense in printing them out on film. They looked pretty good to me, much better than I thought they would but then again, what do I know? This Thanksgiving, I will not be taking the turkey out of the oven because that's how I think I got hurt in the first place.

After that, I went to the Halloween party with my kids and DH, who was a chaperone. This was as the school and was pure chaos. Kindergartners, first graders and second graders, loud DJ, candy, popcorn, cotton candy, a craft, get the picture?

A nice picture of my DH in a rare moment of 'glow' as he gazed lovingly at our fine children. Here they are, wax teeth for him, real ones for the princess.

It was fun for them (not for us) and they were dirty and tired afterwards. Glad I don't have to deal with that for yet another year.

I finally got my account straightened out with Google. I now have 9MB of space available and I can show you my latest projects.

I am attempting to learn to spin. I shouldn't have gotten the merino, it's tougher to spin but the color just grabbed me. I kept making a bit of a mess. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to spin and then wind it up all down the shaft or keep it at the top. I tried both ways. Here's some predrafted fiber and how I started out.

After awhile, I was able to get it somewhat even.

My family's feet and my new yarn.

This piece came out great, looked almost store-bought! Finally, after only an eternity a few hours, I had a small ball of yarn that one may actually be able to knit with.

I was very inspired by the Tsock Tsarina. I was lucky to actually get a chance to meet her at Rhinebeck and she was happily spinning yarn with the width of dust on a spindle. She's my idol! Plus, just like me, she loves itty bitty stitches. In fact, she loves even itty bittier stitches than I do. She spins beautifully. I noticed from her blog that she picked up a few more spindles. I got my Bosworth at Rhinebeck.

One other thing I picked up was a hank of Creatively Dyed sock yarn in beautiful autumn colors. It has tons of yardage and I am thinking about making a pair of matching socks for DD and I. Just lovely and it seems that alot of people picked that up at Rhinebeck, too! I am seeing it all over the blogs. Hmmmnnn....

The sun is coming up now, it's Sunday. Today on the agenda: French Toast making for the family, church, Ragamuffin Parade at noon and maybe a trip to the preserve to take some fall pictures of the great outdoors. Stay tuned to some shots of trees, flowers, geese, spinning and my slipped stitch rib sock!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Eye Candy Friday, Rhinebeck, Zigzag Sock

Picture time!
First up, let's look at some more Rhinebeck pictures.
Just pictures of the crowd, walking around. I see Harry Potter stripes there in the foreground, nearly matches the beautiful trees.

STR, LSS in "Bleck" whatever a bleck is....its lavender and I will photograph it again. I couldn't stop pettng it so I had to take it home with me.

My son coming down the slide in his Weasley sweater.

This was taken on the peaceful wagon ride, pulled by those two lovely horses from last times post. Time to remove the polarizing filter, I'm afraid. I got them to stop and pose for me so I will show you another picture of the lovely horses.

Ah fall, time for celosia. Love the colors.

There was a big turtle or tortise. I don't know which one is which.

This nice lady was playing with that beautiful wheel. Notice the carving work, a work of art! This can be viewed at Golding's website. I got to try it, too and made a small mess. It was only my second time spinning on a wheel. She gave me a quicky lesson so I could proceed to ruin the fiber.

My babies having hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. They even got their picture taken with a sheep! My daughter loves sheep, my son was a bit leary...
Check out this picture, yarn spun from dog fur! No sheep for you!
A rare photo of me, my daughter and my son wearing sweaters all made by me. Mine is the hooded Danbury from Lion Brand's website made out of Cascade. It's a little big, so I have the sleeves rolled up. I steamed blocked it. The other person is my friend with her son. She gets to live up there and can be at Rhinebeck in half an hour. She's lucky. PLUS, she will soon be a knitter.

Now, regular pictures. I finished my Zigzag sock last night and will update Ravelry tomorrow morning.

Here's the sneak peak.

And finally, a boring picture but you can see ...

The First Frost has arrived! It was in the upper 30's last night!

Stay tuned for the next sock project in which I use this mill end....Dora be loved my little girl.