Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, August 31, 2007

New Picture Friday

So, we've established the fact that vacation is over. This is the very last summer Friday of 2007. I am home through September 10th now, with two days of telecommuting in there, next Thursday and next Friday. There is no excuse to not finish the new wallaby and the new socks. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that I started a new Wallaby? Breaking all the rules here. I have to re-do the toes of the Jaywalkers, add the fringe to the poncho and still I have two new WIP: Tofutsies socks - Sailor's Rib and another Wallaby in size 12 for my nephew. This is also out of CottonEase, color is Lake. I wish that they'd come out with more colors already! Maybe later I will do the pouch on this. I am feeling tired today.

In other news, the washing machine broke down and the new one doesn't come until next Thursday. I got one of those top of the line front loader ones that does everything. Amazing that we used to get by with less than this. Everything gets cheaper (tvs, tape decks, computers, etc.) except appliances. They get fancier all the time. I think this one makes grilled cheese.

In other news, I am still reading Harry Potter! I am having a hard time staying away at night. I am also procrastinating about taking apart my entire house and getting rid of junk that we don't need. I also have to pay the bills, do laundry, vacuum the pool, go food shopping and knit. There is just no time for anything else. Maybe I'll win lotto and will have a maid, a nanny and a pool boy to take care of the pool.

Oh well, kids, who are still in their PJs and it's 11:00 AM, are watching Spiderman, the first movie. I matters well add some rows to my socks.....

Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm Baaaaaack!

I was away for a little over a week and I really missed my blog. I missed the puppy, too....I think. Let's catch up!

I have started a pair of socks in Tofutsies, Lime colored. Sailor's Rib Pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks. Size 1 Knitpicks Options, Magic Looping, two at once. I haven't really been working on them all that much so I only have a few inches. They're nice. I'm just still mad at the Jaywalkers because I messed up the toes so we'll do these.Vacation was lovely. Once again, I didn't pick the best week weather wise. We went up last Friday night, drove to Albany and arrived around 12AM. The kids woke up and we put them into their beds. I liked this picture of DD. It looked like she had horns growing out of the top of her head. It also reminded me of the Grinch. She was most impressed that the hotel had a phone in it, right next to her bed! We were in Lake George the bulk of the time. It was overcast most of the time. Here's some nice shots for eye candy:went up to Whiteface Mountain Memorial Drive but not all the way up to the summit, too cloudy.

Instead, we hit the North Pole.

and also, down to Saratoga where we hooked up with Elizzabetty. You can see her socks lounging on the monitor and mine checking out the stretch from our lovely box seat. (A rare commodity in Saratoga).While at the track, I ran into my neighbor, she was standing right next to me! I didn't even know they were away! The sock had a very good time and didn't lose any money.

I've also started yet another Wallaby. This one is for my nephew who lives in Florida so it's with Cotton-Ease. I just started yesterday and I'm well on my way! This time, I've smartened up. He is going into first grade so I figure with the way that this pattern runs, I'll make him the size 12. The 6 barely fit my 3 year old and he's in a size 10 pants, according to my sister. So, we'll see if the 12 works for him. Pictures coming soon! Between this and the Tofutsies, I'm going through wool withdrawal and may break my rule of not too many projects at once.
My son isn't in very many pictures. It was hard to get him off the rides. They must've ridden that Santa's Sleigh coaster 20 times...
As for the puppy, we boarded her. I don't know how much she liked it. She seems to be a bit better behaved. The boarding place is run by a woman who raises Chows and she recommended that we take little Zoey to obedience school. She's over a year now and acts like a four month old. Another expense, hopefully, we'll do it soon and it'll be successful. She is calming down alot but needs to listen a bit better.

And, this was the summer of losing 30 lbs, right? Well, I didn't do it. I gained 6. Not too bad, considering that I drank daquiris, ate tons of Chinese Food and moutains of sushi. So, as of today, back on Nutrisystem. Actually, as of yesterday, I started. Then I cheated, so I'm starting today. It's a MONDAY and everyone knows that that is the day that you're supposed to start dieting. This way, when the weekend rolls around, you'll be off it again and it will be time to cheat. I think one of my problems is salad. I really don't love eating lettuce. It's a pain to chew (remember, I have TMJ and lettuce and bagels are no-nos) it gets stuck in my braces, and has to be purchased and used right away. Sometimes, it freezes in the fridge, really annoying. So, I need to get used to that. I like tomatoes and croutons (another braces breaker..) and cucumbers though! My little 10 lb bear needs a friend so now I have to lose 16 lbs to get another one. Let's go go go!
For now, I leave you with a shot of DD. While waiting for Dad and her brother to finish using the rest room, she put on a show for the visitors to Lake George, complete with song and dance, a la Gene Kelly.... She is such a ham. It's going to be fun to watch her grow up and see how she turns out. She's so sweet, calm and caring. She loves to play, run and jump, stop to smell the flowers, is thoughtful, considerate and loving. Imagine, all that rolled into a teenager someday. I guess I have about 11 or 12 more years before she goes loony on me..!

Friday, August 17, 2007

No New Pictures Friday

I can't believe I worked the whooooooollllllllleeeeeeeee day. I was planning on knocking off today at around 3. So, last night, I worked until 8PM. This morning, I arrived at the pit at 8:50 with 'just a few things' to clear off my to do list. I left at, oh...uh, 5:15PM. It's now storming outside and traffic is delayed so we're going to head off on vacation in about an hour.

The camera is packed. I am mad at my Jaywalkers and they are not going away with us. I will bring Tofutsies with me instead. It is quite possible that I will knock off a pair of socks, so, I am bringing some Cherry Tree Hill Old Rose with me, too. Just in case.

I have no pictures to show you so I'll show you where I'm going only it's where I've already been.
Lake George Village, view from Prospect Mountain., looking south. You can see 100 miles. The moutains that are touching the sky at the top are in Vermont.

DD giving a free concert on top of Prospect Mountain. She had a whole crowd gathered around her and she sang and danced!

Depe Dene Resort, Lake George. This is a picture of a REAL slide. With a REAL pitch to it and you can go 100 mph down it. It's great! Look how big it is. They have a real seesaw, too! Stay tuned for pictures!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jaywalkers again!

It's nearly mid-week so it's time for the mid week post, sorta. I overslept this morning and I'm thinking that I don't have too much time to knit so instead I will show you my cake and my Jaywalkers. With my 12 megapixels, you can almost taste it. Those chocolate goo things dripping down the sides were particularly delicious and look wonderful on my hips. The Nutrisystem Bear was sitting there frowning at me.

Segue into looking wonderful on my feet, I'm back to finishing up the Jaywalkers. They're my current only project other than sewing together the blue hooded raglan sweater that has been sitting in a plastic bag on my rocking chair upstairs for the entire summer...anyway...

They're still twins but now I'm off by about 18" of yarn. I will try working one sock a little tighter and one a little looser. I am not anal enough to cut out 18" from one and hide the ends. The color changes on the same row, just a few sts apart now, not the same stitch as we had in the beginning. It's time to start yelling "Wire, wire!" Here's another shot of the latest progress:

I have another five or six rows and it'll be time for the toe decreases. Notice brown red, skinny brown then blue around the ankles opposite the heel flaps. I am going to learn how to do the forethought heel next. The one from one of the Charlene Schurch's books, I think Sensational Knitted Socks. I'll practice it on something that isn't so expensive and I'll do it for real on my nice Trekking. Hmmn....It doesn't really look too hard but I'm not up to it right now. I'm just happy that the stripes really do match up nicely. I am also just tickled pink that I'm doing two at once and there is no second sock syndrome. They're both done at the same time. On this pair, I'm considering not reinforcing the toes. I generally don't wear socks out at the toe, just the heel. Plus, I can't finish them at the same time if I do that. I'll think about it today.
Next sock is going to be Sailor's Ribbing from More Sensational knitted Socks in Tofutsies. I expect to finish the Jaywalkers tonight and possibly cast on for the Tofutsies. The (@^! is starting to hit the fan at work, we're nearing busy time and I may be putting in more hours, including some at home but we'll see. No reason for the socks to suffer, right?
These colors are kinda growing on me but they still remind me of a flag that should be in the Olympics from some small country that no one knows of, far far away...But I guess I like them. I think that I'll like them more when it's fall and I'm thinking fall colors. I love fall, it's my favorite season. I am looking forward to playing with my camera alot, taking pictures of leaves and pumpkins and my beautiful kiddies.
Speaking of beautiful kiddies, I am starting to cry every time I think about number one baby, DS, heading out to Kindergarten in only a few short weeks. The Big K. He has his little backpack and his truck lunchbox and all his school supplies and he's ready to go. I don't remember school supplies being a big deal when I was a kid. My mom bought me a red schoolbag (no backpacks back then!) a pencil case and some pencils and a notebook for writing. Nowadays, you invest a small fortune. Our school is smart, they package everything up and shrinkwrap it for you. Every kid has the same thing, the teachers are happy, no one has to shop. I wrote a check to the PTA (only $31) and got a big box of stuff! I'll show you next time!
As for now, it's time to hit the rockpile, there are license plates to be made today!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my birthday today and I'm feeling old. This is an 'over the hump' year. the hump years are the ones you feel, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, etc. Sigh...
Well, on a happier note, I'm nearly done with the poncho. I have to stitch the casing closed, steam edges flat and do the fringe. The parts that take forever, non-knitting. Here's how it looks now, using ecstatic DD as the model.

This kid is such a ham. She loves to play piano and sing. When she was two and a half, she stood up on top of a flat rock in a park upstate and gave a concert to about 30 people. Perhaps she's destined for stage fame?
Anyway, the yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport, Iris Garden. If you look very closely, you'll see how I was working with two balls throughout and there's a line on the back. I don' think that I am going to do that next time. It's very curly at the edges, even with three rows of garter stitch. Requires a little steam to flatten it out, then the fringe. That's going to be hard to do, being I have two kids a puppy around who will love to play with strings. Plus, I'm tired. I'll try and sew down the casing today so I feel like I've done something.
Today, it's gorgeous out. It's only 66 degrees, clear, dry, beautiful. It's a nice day for me to eat ice cream cake. Next week is vacation, after that, completely back on track with diet. I have to get Nutrisystem to send me another bear and that's 10 pounds away.
I've once again picked up my Jaywalkers. They're so nice. I had gotten the gusset decreases nearly done when I decided I didn't like the way it looked so I un-knit 18 rounds....yes, I'm particular. I reknit it yesterday and sock 1 is ready to rest while I catch up sock 2. They'll both be on one circ for the foot. That's today's goal. To have them on one circ by bedtime tonight. It is not looking good. The house is a mess and and I have to get ready for vacation.
Thursday night was knit night at The Village Knitter. Elizzabetty and I attended. I came home with some Tofutsies as a souvenir and I think that I am going to work that up into my next pair of socks. It's wound so tightly onto the ball yet when you knit with it, it's nice and soft and feels kinda nice. We'll see how much I like it after I use it. I am remembering that I made the bamboo socks and thought that it should've been a tighter rib being the yarn wasn't very elastic. I have visions of that happening with this stuff so a lace pattern is out. We'll see....but that's what's in the bullpen for now.
Tomorrow, I will photograph my growing stash so we could all ogle my new stuff!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Well, we're well on our way with the poncho project! I am using Lorna's Laces, Shepard Worsted, Iris Garden and it's beautiful. Not trusting their dying skills, I'm working from two of the three balls that I have. I started out using exclusively one of the balls, then switched to working a few rows of each color and now I got the hang of it, work one row of each and keep changing balls one stitch to the right. If you look closely with my 12 megapixel photo on close-up setting (tee hee!) ...
You can kinda make out a trail of where I changed colors (starting to the left of the seam and then working diagonally down to the right...) and how some of the stitches aren't pulled to the exact same tension as the others. Do you see it? This is going to be flouncy and this is also the back so I'm doubtful as to whether or not anyone would really notice. I'm also kinda thinking that the colors are the a true match....I think. The purples seem to be off so it's probably best that I'm using two balls.
Here's how much I have done so far and this is a bad picture. (I am still learning all the camera tricks...)
So, I have only a little more work on the body, like tonight I should be done! Then, pick up sts and knit a hood with the remnants of the two balls and ball three. That's cool.

DS wants a Harry Potter sweater and I am thinking about making the Quidditch Sweater from Charmed Knits. I am also thinking about making him a "Harry Potter Wallaby", cranberry with butternut stripe. We'll see, I'll let him pick the pattern. I ordered the yarn online today from Webs. I'm going with Plymouth Encore for him. I haven't worked with Plymouth Encore before but the blogworld seems to love it and they love it more than Wool Ease which I like very much but it does pill a bit when washed. Relatively inexpensive, machine washable and wears like iron. A must for kids clothes.

In other news, we went to the make-up LI Ducks game last night. It was fun, just too late for the kids. They were losing when we left at the end of the 7th inning (after 10PM) and the score stayed the same.
Here's a shot of Quackerjack giving DS an autograph. Quackerjack is the team mascot. He's a duck... He runs around and does thing and shakes his tail. It's cute.

This past weekend, we did alot. Elizzabetty came over and brought her dulcimer. DS wanted to play it. If I could figure out how to upload a movie clip, I could share it! Not sure if that's supported yet here in blogland. For now, a still... playing dulcimer with daddy.

Additionally, I was oh so very happy to find shoes that fit my 8WW feet. They actually measure 7 and three quarters quintuple E. Isn't that cute? They're almost as wide as they are long and I have to use like a million stitches to knit a pair of socks for myself. But anyway, I found dress black shoes, slingback brown ones and sandals. I bought them all up. You've heard about the Summer of Love, well, this is Summer of Spend. A car, a pool, a camera, a truckload of yarn....segue into...
The pool!
It was cloudy...


I have "no idea" how that happened but I think it's because husband didn't clean the cartridge properly. He 'rinsed' instead of 'scrubbed'. I scrubbed so I have to go and see if it is clearing up. I haven't even been in the backyard since Sunday night but I'll check in the morning. I been working at work alot. And knitting the poncho.


while I was up on the deck, I put the nice new camera on Sunset setting to take a picture of the sky to show you.
Soon, vacation!

I can't wait to show you mountains and lakes and socks!

Time to knit!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Beach Party

More Beach Fun! Yesterday, we had our annual Beach Party. The Day Care Crew trekked out to Robert Moses State Park Field 5 in the 90 degree sometimes hazy day to take the kids to the beach. It was very crowded.

The waves were great!! They were giant in the morning. Being a lunatic, I took little DD out there in the 6 foot waves. I had the lifeguard standing up but I guess he saw that we were handling it well enough and I wasn't doing anything dumb. Plus, she's actually a pretty decent swimmer. I mean, I didn't let her go or anything but these giant waves did break over our heads and she loved it. Sometimes, I like the big giant waves and other times, I like when the ocean is 'pool like'. I am sore today from taking the kids in the water like five times.
Then, we had some excitement. What to our wondering eyes should appear but a ...

Air Force Helicopter! I guess a 90 degree day at a state park is a good way to get a little PR. These guys had to jump into the ocean and swim to shore in full uniform with gear. Of course, the lifeguard, who was just as amused as the crowd...
was also taking pictures. Then, the lifeguard cleared the swimmers out of the immediate vicinity and these nice Air Force guys came out of the water, flippers and all! The crowd cheered! And, we all took pictures.

Then, they swam back out there and they went up to the helicopter and flew away. You can see, due to my 12 megapixels, that there is alot of spray and there is a ladder. Isn't that so cool???

As for knitting, I did bring a sock to work on and I wanted to show you the poncho; however, the new camera EATS batteries and is out of juice. I couldn't take any more pictures yesterday and I'm just now charging the batteries so stay tuned for an update on that!

I have to show you my poncho plus my new book.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The New Project

Knitting Pure & Simple Poncho has worked its way to the needles! I started this morning and it's very pretty. I love the colors and I love the yarn. We're using Lorna's Shepard Sport for this one.
In other news, I have been nothing less than pleased with my new camera and have been taking lots of pictures. Here's one of my new car:

It's a Chevy Equinox, an imitation "SUV". Basically, a station wagon. I like it. It's great for me to drive, not great with the kids. Behind it, you can see my '94 Sable that will soon be retired out to pasture.

As I told Elizzabetty today, "I got a pool, a camera and a car..It's like, I live in a gameshow!". Note to self: STOP SPENDING MONEY.

So far, I have been unable to take a really nice sunset picture to show you! I was ultra upset tonight, being hubby wouldn't stop the car to allow me to take the PERFECT shot. In fact, he stepped on the gas. It was the exact moment of cloud illumination and all the colors of the poncho as well as that of cantalope flooding the skies. But alas, he was in a rush to get home. Sigh. So, I missed it. He assured me that the sun would set tomorrow and if it didn't, I had bigger problems than worrying about my 12 megapixels.

Speaking of which, he needs to use this computer so I can't stay and chat with you tonight. Tune in in a few days to see the poncho update.