Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shawl Collar Sweater

It has been awhile since my last post. I haven't really been knitting all that much. I have started the shawl collar sweater from Knitting for Him and I like it very much. I am using Cascade 128 and these GIANT size 11 needles. After knitting a quadrillion pairs of socks on little sticks, these feel like baseball bats. Here's an older picture of the sleeves so you can see the colors. I started with the sleeves in case the gauge was way off, which it wasn't.

I knitted up past the armpit, did the decreases and did part of the sleeve cap when I realized that I lost two sts each needle. I couldn't find out where I missed a decrease and then I discovered that I missed an INCREASE so I frogged back a few inches. Not a big deal when the stitches are like 1/4 of an inch each row and there's only 54 sts each sleeve. These two sleeves are less work than a sock, believe you me. This is an older picture and the sleeves are nearly done. They should've been done awhile ago but I've been slacking. I have been busy with a few things. and they've been taking away from my knitting time.

1. Kids are back to school and I have trouble with First Grade math homework. It took ME about 10 minutes to get FIVE problems last night. ME, who got a 790 (back when an 800 was a perfect score) on the math SAT. Me, who can really do this stuff. This is FIRST GRADE work. We had to work on shapes, squares, triangles, circles, rectangles. We had to draw them, big and small in various colors. That was fine although he didn't differentiate in his drawing what was big and what was small but understood the concept. The second part was hard. It had a picture of one shape, say, a large circle. Then, three other shapes. "Circle the figure that is different in two ways". And the choices would be circle, triangle, square. The circle and the triangle would be large and the square small. The answer is the square because its small and it's not a triangle. This was originally blowing my mind. I am not so sure I will do well in math this year. This is only the beginning of this book. Not only do I have to get it but I have to work with him to get it. Tonight, I will cut various shapes out of colored index cards and make my own problems to try to drill this in his head. Once you're lost in math, you can stay lost, sometimes for years.

2. Little girl has Kindergarten homework. Nothing hard yet. We have to make her face out of macaroni, glue, yarn, crayon etc. That's a weekend project. I can do that, it's a crafty thing.

3. Last week, in order to avoid the Christmas rush, I bought a Wii. We don't have a Wii. In fact, we don't have an LCD monitor for our PC. We don't have an HD TV. I still use my wonderful Sony Trinitron from 1983. It works great! It's 27" so I need a bigger one now that we have a Wii. DH and I go bowling at night instead of knitting. I want to buy more games but I'm poor. Why you ask? I filled the oil tank (yeah $3.39 a gallon, on sale or something!) and both gas tanks so I could still pay $3.65 a gallon just before Ike came. So, I spent alot of money last week.

4. Work is busy. I don't know why, it always gets like this after the summer is over. I had a brief lull there for awhile and now we're all back in full swing.

5. Dieting. Dieting is a full time job. You can't slack or else it shows. The other day, what did I do? I slacked I went to the sushi buffet. The sushi is ok, not all that great, but I ate too much. I was thrilled that I could eat the seaweed salad now that I got my braces off and don't have to worry about it being stuck there. I always think of Rosanne Rosannadanna, "And there she was, with a little piece of spinach, stuck to her tooth, and a piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of her shoe". Watch a tribute to her on youtube...classic pictures, awful song, might make you cry. So anyway, more time on the treadmill or more time playing Wii. Maybe I'll get Wii Fit next time I have some cash. Then again, it's STILL exercise and not necessarily as fun as playing Pac-Man or something like that.

6. I DID clean my house! I have two rooms to go but the upstairs, the basement and the Living Room are clean. Even the kitchen counter is starting to show.

7. My back hurts for 10 months now. It goes away (well, turns from EXCRUCIATING I CAN'T WALK PAIN) to tolerable during the day, comes back at night and weekends. I am beginning to think that the hard tile floor in my kitchen and sunroom are killing it. I bought an area rug and a thick pad to put in there so I can have some relief. I have been seeing a chiropractor and spending even more money. I go back to the regular doctor in November. I guess we'll do an MRI next to see things that only MRIs see. Something HAS to be there, right? Must be a squished disc.

8. I have started Christmas shopping. No time like the present! (Pun intended)

9. I am enjoying DH not teaching this year. Instead, he is self employed and can make his own hours. I have less of a daycare expense (more money for other things) and he actually helps with dropping kids off, picking them up, doing the wash (sorta), feeding the kids, bathing the kids, food shopping and vacuuming. Furthermore, we have more family time and can analyze First Grade Math together. It's like, well, it's like I have a wife. Everyone should have a wife! You don't know what you're missing until you have a wife.

10. I am still learning to sew and actually take out the machine from time to time. Imagine that.

I hear the pitter patter of little feet and have to do some treadmill walking now so that's it for a long winded post about nothing. Didn't Jerry Seinfeld make alot of money doing that on a show? Well, I feel that I'm doing the same thing, except I don't make any money at it. I just, blog about ... nothing!

More photography and more knitting soon. I promise!

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