Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Went, I Saw, I Spun!

Last night I had the pleasure of joining the Spinning Study Group of Long Island. The meetings are held at the Brush Barn, a historical site in Smithtown, NY. This is an old building set in the middle of a populated suburban town. It took me 10 minutes of driving back and forth on the busy main drag to find where to turn into the driveway. It's located well off the street behind an old tavern. This is not close to my home but it is only 4 or 5 miles from my job so attending these meetings will be a snap as they start at 6:30. Some members were already there and settled when I arrived at 6:40. (I was so excited I could barely contain myself.)
I had a great time! I was able to rent a wheel and meet some really lovely people who helped me get started. I only had a few moments to snap a few pictures because I was so excited that I was spinning away on a wheel! Hurray! This is the wheel I was fortunate enough to rent. It's an Ashford Traditional, single treadle. There were five new members and they had five wheels rented out. Wow! Must be growing even more in popularity. I guess I will have to go wheel shopping. Little DD was so excited when she saw the wheel. She knew what it was from Rhinebeck and Sleeping Beauty. I told her that I just borrowed it to try out, that it wasn't mine to keep. I told her that they're expensive and I couldn't buy one for a few months. She said that that isn't a problem, "Why don't you just ask Santa Claus to bring you one? You could put it on your Christmas List, even though it would be silly for a grown up to get a present you could try." She was so sincere and so cute! Naturally, she wants to spin, too. Back in the olden days they probably did learn to spin young. I'll have to research this....(what did we do before we had Google?) Click here for more info and you'll know all you wanted to know about being a Spinster.

Here's some of the other wheels. There were wheels of all types there but it seems the wheel of choice was the upright double treadle. After doing this a bit, I think that I would prefer to have a double but I'll try one out before I buy anything.

I was also lucky enough to sit between two expert spinners who were able to help me get started and before I knew it, I was well on my way. I spun this entire bobbin at the meeting.

It was so exciting. (I think it was number four on my list of most exciting things. Birth of children are tied for number 1 followed closely by knitting my first sock and then this....sad, isn't it? Ok, maybe number 5. Marrying DH has to be in there, too.) During the break, I was able to have a chat with my friend, ChristineA. She wasn't spinning. She was knitting. She was knitting a hat. She was knitting Koolhaas by Jared Flood. I laughed and pulled mine out of the bag. We were knitting the same hat! Being we were in the light instead of the cave where I usually knit, we saw that I am not following the pattern correctly. My hat swirls instead of having honeycombs but it is still very nice. Hmmnn...I am not cabling without the needle correctly. Being I'm on the last repeat, I will not be taking this out. However, I plan on knitting it again correctly. Remember how many times I don't practice what I preach? Do not knit tired or inthe dark. Maybe I'll do this hat again...maybe even use my own handspun!

This morning, I wound it up into a ball so I could admire its thick and thinness. Sometimes, I was doing that intentionally. I was experimenting and practicing.

I have some more roving at home and I will attempt to try this again today on my own if I feel better.

Anyway, I haven't been feeling all that well for a few days now and the lack of heat in this place on a 32 degree night gave me a chill that I just can't shake. I was up coughing and have that burning bronchial feeling so I thought it best to stay home. I need to be rested up and better for another busy weekend as well as a trip to the city on Monday to attend a reunion party with former co-workers.

I am running to the store to purchase a chicken and soup greens so that I can make a nice big pot of soup. All of us are under the weather a bit so now is a good time for this.

Happy knitting and happy spinning to all!

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Elizzabetty said...

Congrats on the new addiction--I mean hobby! I can't wait to see the wheel in action!