Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Monday, November 3, 2008

November Knitting Rut

I'm in a rut.

Can't knit when in a rut.

What happened, you ask? Well, sometimes, there is just too much on my plate. I had to clean the house. Now I have the upstairs in a somewhat acceptable order, bathroom is clean, everyone's clothes are put away, rooms are mostly tidy. Downstairs kitchen is today's project, being I have the day off from work. I would love for my house to look like a model house. I have neighbors that have houses like that. Why do I have so much clutter? Where do they put their toys?

Yesterday, I spent the day balancing my checkbook. What happened, you ask? Well, back in November of 2007, I was off. I neglected to get around to balancing it for ... uh...awhile. I found the error, which was due to a store transaction that I logged correctly that the cashier messed up. I then proceeded to go through a year's worth of statements and bring everything up to date. Amazing. To the penny. Thank you, Quicken.

So, upstairs and finances somewhat in order, I sat down to knit. I remembered that I had a knitting accident the other day while working on my slipped stitch rib sock. The Harmony US 1.5 snapped. Knitpicks is sending me another, along with a new cable which also broke (40") and a new metal DPN, also size 1.5 which has a broken tip. Good customer service, no!? Being a sport, I picked up two skeins of that Kettle Dyed Essentials in Ivy, green of course. I can't wait. It's on its way.

I decided to make DH a hat, being he placed his order for one. He wants Jared Flood's Koolhaas. This is a gorgeous hat and is suitable for a male or female. So, I'm going to make him one. I wanted to use my lucious STR of my Rhinebeck souvenirs....

However, it won't work. The yarn is just too skinny to get the right gauge, the hat will be too lose and airy. I think I'll use Cascade 220. While I'm out today, I will pick some up.

So, I can't work on my little sockie until my needle arrives. Although, I do have a 1.5 needle in metal, I'm afraid that I knit tighter with it and the gauge won't match. So, I'll wait. Also, I messed up the front of the shawl collar pullover, so I have to ripit, ripit, ripit and reknit it. I can do that today while the kids are out of the house. Stupid directions counts rows instead of gauge so my front and back aren't the same. I have to fix the entire collar shaping on the front to match the back. Tix me off. I'm home today and I'm telecommuting tomorrow so I can stay up late and at least get that done if I can psyche myself up for it. So, sock and sweater are on hiatus. That's the cause of the rut.

For the same reason that I can't clean my kitchen, I can't finish my projects. Can you say procrastination?

Time to start the hat...yeah, that's what I need. Another thing to do!

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