Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, August 20, 2009

During the Week Update

Well, alot has been happening. I'm off from work today, Friday as well as Monday and Tuesday. I was able to head down to the beach today with the kids but I didn't bring my camera. I will over the weekend because we're supposed to have some large swells here on Long Island due to the effects of Hurricane Bill. Today, we were there at low tide. The beach and the parking lot REEKED. The little baby clams were exposed and there were some little baby jellyfish and there were some crabs. There were even some pieces of crabs that were unfortunate enough to have gotten dropped by a seagull. Stinky. In the water, it didn't stink. Waves were breaking far off the shore and we had to walk way out to get to them. Kids loved it. I remember being that age and thinking how cool I was to go in the water with my dad. OK, I was 10 or so before I swam as well as they do now. They're out there IN the waves. Scares me a bit but I am fortunate that they're both becoming good swimmers.

Last night was Spinning Guild meeting. We just spun....and spun. My bobbin broke. :( The little washer came out of the end of it causing it to rattle around and not work correctly. I looked all over for it at home but I think I must've lost it there. Drat. I also was able to pick up some nice lightly smokey gray llama as well as some chocolate llama. Undyed and scrumptious.

Today, Elizzabetty came by with my camel merino. It's BEAUTIFUL and the pictures on the website do not do it justice. As soon as I can stop fondling it, I will photograph it. In the meantime, here are some other pictures to tide you over.
Elizzabetty has been yarn dyeing so I was able to get another 400 and something yards of nice sock yarn. I am nearly decided on the pattern...but it's a secret. We'll refer to it as the pattern Whose-Name-Must-Not-Be-Mentioned so she has no idea what it is. Remember when that Kennedy kid was accused of raping that girl and America watched the Blue Dot on TV? Tee hee hee. This will be fun. She has to be surprised.

Here's the yarn.

Comon, you knew it was green, right? Lovely and subtle color changes.
Have a holly jolly Christmas! A spruce tree and some Christmas crochet potholders!

Some of the several that I have made so far. These are kinda a pain to crochet. They are double thick and the scalloped border is worked through two thicknesses. It takes awhile to get used to and I can't go fast. Putting that border on takes nearly as long as it does to crochet the two sides! It takes a matter of minutes, I crochet fast. I can make these in about 35-40 minutes if I'm on task and going at cruising speed. Most of it is the border. Cute pattern though. I love the peach one.

That's about it. Time for me to head out in my front yard, grab some coffee and watch the sunset.

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Elizzabetty said...

You mean, you're using a different pattern for the yarn? Hmmmm...