Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting to Know You, Beloved Crochet Hooks.

Let's face it, my crochet needles have missed me. They've been lying in the basket, at the bottom, screaming for attention. I looked at them the other day. I saw my "Hero" brand size F hook. It was the first one that I got. I remember I was with my mom and my father's stepmother and I was really young, say 5 or so. I learned to crochet with that hook from my mother's mother. Odd that I would start with something so small. I moved up from chain stitch to a doll hat, then a potholder or two. I finished my first couch sized afghan before I turned 10.

Today, I turn a bigger number than that and I'm a pro at crocheting.
So, being I have the Etsy store going in full swing, I've decided to crochet some things for it. I fooled with a few purse patterns and then some Tawashi. These things are so darn cute that I see what the addiction is. You can see them in the Etsy shop window. I'm going to see if I can make up my own patterns for more of them. I've also been making some Christmas ornaments, hot pads and place mats. This leaves very little time for knitting and spinning which I'm starting to miss. Why oh why do I have to work a real job? :( I spun the other night but it's still on the bobbin. More coming!

I've also been playing with my new macro lens and I'm loving it. I'm able to take gorgeous pictures up close and I'm able to do nice portraits. I haven't tried it out on landscapes yet but that's coming this week. I'm just tickled pink!

It's a long story but Amazon pulled through and gave me a nice credit after they messed up my order for this lens so I bought two bead books. Eventually, they'll get here. The shipping from Amazon has been very, very slow lately. They used to use UPS and now they use USPS, which is slow. I don't know why this is..... So, we'll see what I can do with beads. Probably nothing, I'll just look at the pictures.

Well, off to work, let me leave you with a picture from my new lens. My new prep bowls from the pampered chef used to make a pot of sauce.

The end result!

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