Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Night...

I spent nearly the entire weekend straightening up my house and working on my Etsy shop. You wouldn't know it by looking at either of them. I picked up my crocheting needles and worked on cosmetic bags to put in the shop. They seem to be attracting some attention. They're actually very nice and I'm making some more as well as some other bags.

I have also been working on a crocheted teddy bear. He's big, about 24", and has jointed arms and legs. The joints aren't here and neither are the eyes so I have mutilated parts strewn about for now. Pictures coming of the parts as well as of the finished product.

I have been spinning up a storm as well and I'm quite pleased with the results. My spinning has taken new leaps lately. Practice does make perfect. I have been spinning more than I can use so I put some homespun in the shop as well.

We're also ripping up the bathroom, a project that we started Christmas Eve 2007. Today, the walls got painted and the floor is going down. Hmmn....husband is toiling away at this. I'm going to have to photograph him and put it on Facebook.

For now, no pictures! I'm holding out for my new lens. It should be here this week, finally. I ordered it on July 19th!

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Elizzabetty said...

OK, the lens is here now. Where are the pictures?