Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Palindrome Emordnilap!

So, it's about a third of the way done. I've used two balls of Plymouth Royal Silk Merino so far. I increased the pattern by one cable; therefore I casted on 52 stitches. A lovely day here on Long Island for a photo shoot.

Isn't she lovely? I'm loving this yarn, it's soft and silky and dreamy. I am so happy that I bought six balls. This was taken at the end of ball two and I think that I may need about 5, unfortunately, to make ONE scarf. I was hoping to get a scarf out of three of them. As my son would say, "no way, Jose". I don't know where he picks up these things....

Now, an update on cabling without a cable needle. I did it. I can do it. It isn't working for me on this scarf. The yarn is entirely too slippery and even pinching the stitches that are hanging in midair for a moment, they become dropped stitches. The thought of taking out 500 stitches for a dropped stitch isn't striking my fancy. It's not that easy to fix dropped stitches in a cable. One time, I forgot to do the cable twist and, three rows later, I did a knit fix. I only dropped 8 of the stitches, for three rows and fixed the problem. There's no trace of the 'error'. However, to be knitting along, I'm finding it faster to use a cable needle knowing that I won't have any issues.

The other thing is, maybe I should switch to wood. This would be a perfect reason to spit for the set of Harmony needles, wouldn't it? It'd be nice if they'd offer them just the tips, not the needles, maybe at a cost savings. Maybe I'll buy size 5,6,7,8, the ones I use the most and call it a day. I'm using a 7 on this scarf.

Well, it's nearing Memorial Day Weekend and I've already got a jump start on Christmas knitting. Tee hee!

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