Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sleeping Dragons and Cables Sans Cable Needle

It's 8PM. The kids are in bed. I am working diligently on the Palindrome Scarf. I am addicted to the yarn. It is incredible and luscious and I want to cuddle it all day long. The scarf isn't going along at a good clip for the following reasons:

1. I have been a good girl and have actually been using my treadmill. This takes away from knitting time.

2. I don't currently have a sock to work on. That's weird. My socks are done and I'm scouting out new patterns.

3. I want to learn how to cable without a cable needle and have been practicing on this scarf.

I know that I know how to do this. It was the way that I originally learned cables but when it came time to do it and I was switching the stitches order, I sorta...drew a blank. Must be that I killed those braincells off back in my younger days. It's just..gone. I find this so peculiar. Grumperina has provided an excellent tutorial on her blog and I will check it out again shortly.

So, tonight's project is to to get this down pat and get another foot done of the scarf. Pictures coming soon!

In other news, my DD was on the stage again for a play at her school. The kids were great. They're only 4 and 5 and did a circus. She was a tumbler. She originally was an elephant but didn't want to twirl on the stool, she'd rather tumble across the stage.

DS if finishing up his Kindergarten year with a bang. Only a few short weeks and the school year will be over. Hurray! I get more knitting and treadmill time! I won't have to drive them in the morning. They'll be home attending Camp Daddy.

The Dragon Scarf is still sleeping in my basket but I may take him out tomorrow night after Palindrome is ... done? We'll see how it goes. I've gone through just about one ball of yarn and I have about 16" worth of scarf. The pattern eats yarn a bit.

What pair of socks shall we make next? I'm thinking STR Hard Rock Monkeys, perchance....

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