Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Less Knitting, More Pictures!

Well, I intended to tell you all about how we spent our Memorial Day Weekend, complete with photographs. Instead of being long winded, I'll cut to the chase.

We went camping. It was the first family camping trip and the kids are little so we went to see Yogi Bear here. It was great! The kids had a wonderful time! The place was just fabulous. We went up on Thursday afternoon, arrived in the dark, put up the tent and slept outside in 39 degrees. I was @(*%@ freezing and everyone else was happy. Good thing I had my Jaywalkers on. Then, the next day, the place was packed. Oh well, can't have everything.

On Saturday, I asked hubby to watch my camera for a few minutes and it got stolen. Sad, but true. It had about 120 pictures of my children in it, toasting marshmallows, putting up the tent, having a blast and some rotten horrible fiend took it, right off the hook in the men's room where he left it. They didn't have the decency to turn it in. It isn't so much the camera, which has come down in price considerably since I bought it last July, but I really wanted the pictures. Plus, I don't like the horrible rotten fiend having pictures of my children. Thief.

So, with my gift from George Bush, I took the plunge and got what I really wanted in the first place. This. I love it. The world of point and shoots is great, they serve their purpose as an every day camera. I have an old Canon AE-1 Program that I love and I couldn't resist upgrading to a DSLR at this point. The Canon XTi is great! I bought the kit but I'm aching for either a macro or a 50mm 1.4f lens next. Real pictures, composed and controlled by ME. I took it out for a spin today to take 200 pictures and learn how to use the thing. So, for today, no yarn shots. Hope you like these instead! (and...I don't know how to really use it, yet.)

a nice rhododendron.
My babies pretending they like each other
Action shot!

I saved the best for last. IMHO, this is a very, very nice photograph. In fact, I put it in "This is one of the best pictures I have ever taken". Maybe it's because it's my baby, but I just really like it. How about you?
The weather was terrible here today but it is expected to be much better tomorrow. I'll wake up early and photograph my knitting and some new stash enhancement that I got from my pal, Elizzabetty from her last road trip.
Tomorrow, pictures and knitting updates!

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