Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Walk, The Tidal Waves, The Dragon Scarf

Able was I ere I saw Elba. Palindrome, a reversible cable scarf. How cute. And, it's free. And, it uses relatively inexpensive yarn. I started it today out of my new Plymouth Royal Silk Merino and let me tell you, it's luscious. I know, it's New York, it's May, soon to be summer. Hot Town, summer in the city, back of neck gettin' dirt and gritty. However, I was considering making some scarves to give as Christmas gifts this year, particularly to teachers. Let's see how I do. Nothing like getting a jump start on the holidays!

Well, today, I did alot of things. First and foremost, yet another finished object! Tidal Wave Socks.

Pattern: Tidal Wave Sock
Yarn: STR Lightweight, "Pebble Beach"
Needles: Knitpicks Options, size 1, 2.25mm
Started: April 4, 2008
Finished: May 4, 2008

So, for not, I am working on scarves. I am up to the tenth spike of the Puff the Magic Merino Dragon Scarf. The yarn broke. I'm supposed to spit on it to splice it back together. Yeah, right. I hate spit. I don't spit. I don't even like my own spit. This is why I played violin in school, no spit valve. Those of you who have waded walked through the trumpet section and slipped know exactly what I mean. So, Dragon sits there. I will need to weave that end in. I'm still not sure how much in love with Morehouse Merino I am. The pattern is fun, it isn't hard but you have to pay attention to what's going on. Plus, I could use a DPN instead of having three needles bopping all over the place every time I make a spike and have to do a three needle bind off.
So, to keep me busy for awhile, I'll work on Palindrome. I could use cable practice anyway.
In other news, today was the MS Walk. I didn't raise all that much money, unfortunately, but every dollar counts. I got the kids and the dog into it this year and had a great time. The walk is 1.8 miles. I was able to clock that on my new pedometer. I'm into the 10k steps a day thing and this little gadget, albeit a bit on the large size, is fun. Just in case I hadn't set it correctly, Elizzabetty was there with her GPS. She's a real geek. She tried to knit, walk and use her GPS at the same time. The walk takes us around the lake and only at the very end are we all that close to the edge. Good thing we had the GPS though, in case we got lost we could see how far above sea level we were as well as whether or not we were going to walk right into the lake.

Elizzabetty, MS Walk (and Knit?) 2008
Always at home with a cannon.
Did I tell you about my treadmill? Well, I got one of those, too. I didn't have to use it today because I did the walk and now my step counter is up to 12,468. I'm not so sure that that is correct though. I rode my bicycle today (for the first time in like 5 years) after having it tuned up and got a flat. I wasn't all that far away from my house when I got the flat but I did walk back. So, I walked, rode my bike, planted some flowers in front of my house, finished the socks, started the scarf, made lunch and dinner and did kindergarten homework. Oh, and I blogged.
Do I deserve a brownie now?

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Elizzabetty said...

Yes, many brownies. And butter cookies!