Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jet Lag Free!

Well, I made it back alive from Vegas. Of course, I can't find my camera and haven't uploaded ANY pictures yet. It was a rough trip. Heading out wasn't all that bad, landing was hard, very bumpy.

Looking out the window heading out, I saw crop circles. I also learned that no one really lives in the middle of the country. It's empty. And the Rockies just...start! All of a sudden, they're there. I've seen that in movies and I knew it was like that but it was still awesome to see it from 38,000 feet. Lake Mead was pretty cool, too.

I also survived two days of walking and standing and a sandstorm. It was great, sand blowing up, in my eyes, nose and the wind whipping up at 40 mph! The pool had a storm surge.

I'd best look for my camera...

In any event, I am nearly done with two pairs of socks. Not one, two. I will show them to you later.

Time to look for the camera.

Later, that same day..I found the camera.

Here's the crop circles.
See? What are those things. I mean, there is basically nothing around. They must be huge if I could see them from way up in the sky. Below, is a picture of my beds. I slept in them both.

And, here's some socks shots:

That's the pink ribbed sock. I am making two pairs out of the same pattern. This is on size 1 needles the other, blue and purple, is on size 0.

I am working on the mate to this one now.

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Elizzabetty said...

The crop circles really are cool. Shows what you can do with lots of wide open spaces.

Can't wait to see the socks in person! Whatcha doin' this weekend?