Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Sock by Any Other Name

So, last night Elizzabetty came over to wind up my STR yarn. I just got Rose Quartz and Scottish Highlands. I was also thinking about Ruby Slippers. They're all nostalgic. Rose Quartz is just like the rocks. Looks like it has all the colors of Rose Quartz in it. Scottish Highlands will have me imagining waltzing through the Heather on the Hill like in Brigadoon. Ruby Slippers will take me back to you-know-where.

So, I was thinking about one day becoming rich and famous and being able to actually name yarn. It's like naming children. I wouldn't want to call it something non-appetizing, like "Blue Violet". It would be "Lady Sings the Blues" or "Blues in the Night" or "Blueberry Plum Pudding". And, a red one could be called "Lady in Red" or "Engine Engine Number 9" (rolling down Chicago line..if the train falls off the tracks, do you want your money back? Yes or no? Y-E-S spells YES and you are not it".)

Speaking of naming children. I have two. They're 18 months apart. I spent 9 months on, 9 months off and 9 months back on. My son is 5 and my daughter is 3 1/2. We knew he was a he and had his name picked out. Daniel. We didn't know the little girl was going to be a girl. We only had a girl's name picked out so we quickly picked out a boys name about 45 seconds prior to pulling into the parking lot at the hospital. I don't know what we've would've done with our two children, Daniel and Do Not Enter, had she been a he.. But she was a she and Erica it was.

I am tired and rambling. Time for bed. More later in the week!

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