Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Monday, April 30, 2007

Tiger Woods?

None of the novelty has worn off. My son is still knitting away. He brought his knitting to daycare today to the amazement of his teachers. He knitted in the car on the way there and on the way back. (17 miles each way so he easily knocked out a row). Unfortunately, he did err and did a short row so we had to take out almost an entire row, a half hour's worth of work for him. He was a bit upset but it was no way near how I was when I took out an entire sock....He's picked up speed but he was tired and a little distracted and couldn't get past, "Watch me do this" tonight.

We arrived home and he rushed through dinner to make time for knitting. He then proceeded to show his dad how to knit. He showed his sister how to knit. He even showed me how to knit. He announced that he was the "best knitter" and he knew how to "knit everything" and how he "could make a scarf, a sock or even a sweater".

I feel like I have the Tiger Woods of Knitting right here in my house.

Puppy Update!

Speaking of in my house, Zoey the Boglen Terrier is happy in her crate. I have never been a fan of crates and I hate keeping her crated up all day (or cradled up as my daughter would say). HOWEVER, it was VERY nice not to come home to a pile of puppy poop that I had to clean up. She did NOT poop in the crate. Or do anything else. She was great today! Tomorrow, she stays in there from 8:30AM to 5:30PM, an hour and a half longer than she did today. Let's see if she can make it. (I certainly can't)

Diet Update!
Have I mentioned that I'm doing Nutrisystem? I love how they call the packages "Nutrisystem Nourish". I officially started on 3/1. It's now 4/30 and I've cheated here and there plus was away for a few days in Vegas. I FINALLY hit 10 lbs yesterday morning. I figure one more year on this cat food and I should look like one of the Olsen Twins. Ya hoo! 10 lbs! It could be worse, I could've found 10 lbs instead. A friend of mine is doing Accupressure. She has these little beads taped behind her ears. She lost 52 lbs in like 6 weeks. 3 weeks after she started, she inspired another friend to do it. The second person lost 27 lbs. They hardly eat. It's amazing! So, more interestingly, I'm going out to lunch tomorrow for real food. Grilled Tuna Steak and Fried Calamari. Salad and meal replacement bar for dinner, I suppose. But at least lunch will be good.

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