Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, November 10, 2007

100 Things About Me!

No knitting to show you tonight so let's do this. I've been working on this post for awhile and it's time to hit the blog.

Enter and sign in, please...

1. I can type really fast and learned to type on an old keypunch machine when I was very young. By the time I was in high school, I was easily typing 45 wpm in beginning typing class.

2. I am right-handed but can do alot of things lefty. My mother was a lefty, as was her father and my cousins. In fact, when we used to have holiday meals, we had a lefty side and a righty side so no one banged elbows. I can print lefty..possibly due to my DNA.

3. I often bake bread.

4. My favorite foods are Asian, Italian and nice prime rib meals.

5. I learned to crochet when I was in second grade and made a twin sized bed afghan before my 10th birthday. I have crochetted probably more than 40 afghans since then.

6. I learned to knit when I was 9 or 10 but was never really as good a knitter as a crochetter. Still, even now! I'm working on this.

7. When I was single and riding the train to NYC every day, I would read 40 novels a year.

8. I married someone who I had met 15 years prior. We dated for 6 of those years and then got married.

9. I took 8 years of French and went to Paris and used it.

10. I can play violin and have performed in numerous community orchestras all over Long Island. I have put my violin on the shelf pretty much for the past 5 years in order to raise children. Children who might break it if I take it out.

11. I have never been to a Major League Baseball game.

12. I have been to only one NFL game. Jets and Miami and it was more than 25 years ago.

13. I have attended many, many Belmont Stakes and spent much time in Saratoga but have never been to the Kentucky Derby.

14. I used to be a quality control inspector in a plastics manufacturing plant.

15. I have TMJ and I wear braces. Silver railroad tracks on the bottom and ceramic on the top.

16. I also wear glasses. Many different pairs for each of the activities that I do.

17. I love classic TV, for the most part. Flying Nun, Brady Bunch, F-Troop. All of that brings me back to happy childhood times.

18. I have lived my entire life within a 40 mile radius and have only moved three times.

19. I don't dance.

20. Alot of my friends have been my friends since my school days or childhood.

21. I read the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy three times but have not yet seen the movie, "Return of the King". Furthermore, I own it on DVD!

22. I really like Harry Potter and want to do some knits from Charmed Knits.

23. I hate talking on the telephone.

24. I like tedious busywork. (Kinda like knitting, something repetitive!)

25. I cannot sew a lick but I can do crewel embroidery, counted cross stitch and needlepoint.

26. I have been to the Louvre and I photographed the Mona Lisa.

27. I was at the racetrack for "The Great Match" and cried.

28. I was proofed for 21 when I ordered a drink at my sister's wedding. I was 33.

29. I had not been in an airplane until I was in my early 30s.

30. Until this year, I had never been west of Pigeon Forge, TN. (I went to Las Vegas for work).

31. I did not go away to college and I almost regret it.

32. One of my goals is to become financially fit and to buy a vacation house.

33. I sniff yarn and so does my daughter.

34. My other favorite smells are gunpowder, school paste, salt air, Crayola crayons, coffee beans and colorforms.

35. I don't really care for heights and worked in a high rise building with windows to the floor. I kept the blinds closed very often.

36. I have been to the top of the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty (the crown, not the torch).

37. I saved many things from my childhood, movie tickets, coins, jewelry and other personal memorabilia.

38. I like things that are historical. I look up old things on the internet all the time.

39. I used to love Fudgetown Cookies and miss them alot. I also miss Oysterettes, the original ones with the homeless looking guy on the box and Pepperidge Farms Orleans Cookies.

40. I often think that I live my life in the past. I don' t like present day things as much as past things. I think about making my own butter, the Beatles, the Age of Jazz and what it must've been like to live through Prohibition and the Great Depression.

41. I feel old every time a celebrity from my childhood passes on.

42. I didn't wear glasses until I was 21 (to see far away). Now I can't see anything no matter where it is.

43. I don't like candy, other than chocolate. (That being Smarties, candy corn, fruit roll ups, things that go Brach) Maybe a tic tac or a something like that once in awhile.

44. I scored a 790 out of 800 on the math section of the SAT and to this very day can't imagine which question I got wrong.

45. I did not do as well on the English portion. Too excited over thinking that I got an 800 on the math portion and took the English portion very distracted. I know I got "Tantamount" wrong and remember it to this very day.

46. I can crochet blindfolded if using worsted weight yarn and a real hook, none of that doily stuff for me!

47. I like ice cream cake but I hate butter cream. I love real whipped cream.. "Chantilly" as they say in France.

48. I like to drink tea. I like to drink coffee but only hot, normal coffee. I hate coffee flavored anything. (such as ice cream, candy, etc.) I could live without Lattes and iced coffee.

49. I have been to Ellis Island, the top of the World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. That is not something that the majority of New Yorkers can say. We don't visit our own landmarks and tourist sites.

50. I have met alot of famous people. (I am employed in the entertainment field, sorta.) Among them, Tina Turner, Davy Jones, Frankie Valli, Harry Connick Jr., Gilligan and Mary Ann. And you know what, they can say they met me on their blogs! :)

51. I like to play board games and I'm so glad that my children are nearly old enough to actively partake in this activity.

52. I remember "Christmas with the King Family" and often think about them around the holidays. There were so many of them, where did they go? There were so many Vanderbilts, where did they go?

53. Very soon, I am going to try to make soap. It will be a nice addition to the Christmas Knitted Socks Recipient present. Handmade socks and handmade soap. Maybe some homemade bread or cake, too.

54. I live about 40 miles from Manhattan and commuted to work there for over 20 years. Other than on the Cross Bronx Expressway, I have never driven a car in Manhattan. I have been in a car but someone else always drove.

55. My favorite color is green. My favorite yarn color is off-white/ecru/French Vanilla/Fisherman.

56. I don't like cinnamon smell. Dentyne. Yuck.

57. I am somewhat sensitive to noise.

58. I get motion sickness. I got seasick on a ferry (in an ice storm!) I can't read in a car. I really prefer to sit in the front on short trips and have to if its a long trip.

59. I had "all day sickness" for my entire pregnancy with DS. Right up to the day he was born. The only day he skipped making me very ill was my birthday.

60. I had morning sickness for only seven months with DD.

61. I had hair down to the middle of my back and have also had it as short as Demi Moore in Ghost. Not sure which way I like better. I also had the Paint Can Dutch Boy Do.

62. I thought Dippity Doo was a good product. Can't believe it costs that much nowadays. That stuff was cheap!

63. Burger King has a better product than McDonalds - except for the fries, they suck. Burger King has awful service. This 'Have it Your Way" nonsense made them the second rate hamburger place because it takes forever to get your food. I am so glad that I can solve the problems of the world here on my blog.

64. I have never had a taco from Taco Bell. In fact, I don't like that kind of food. I probably have only had a taco once or twice in my life. That word "refried" gets to me.

65. I thought the IBM Selectric was one of the centuries greatest inventions and loved that I could type in 'pica' font.

66. My favorite type of sushi roll is tuna and avocado. I also like it with crunchies.

67. I have almost never had 10 beautiful fingernails at the same time. Once, quite recently, when I did, I french manicured them myself and admired them all day.

68. My shoe size is 7.75 EEEEE, according to the store and the podiatrist who measured them for my special shoes. (Bearfoot!) I spend a fortune on shoes that fit them. Alot of wide shoes don't even accommodate them and that means alot of stitches have to be casted on for socks!

69. I don't think I have any food allergies.

70. Favorite fruits: Avocado, cantaloupe, orange, banana, strawberry.

71. Favorite veggies: brussel sprouts, asparagus, fresh green beans, carrots.

72. Least favorite fruits and veggies: Spinach. I don't think there is a fruit hat I can say that I really detest, I just don't prefer it.

73. Favorite season: Fall.

74. Least favorite season: Summer. I hate being HOT. It's changing now that I am not on the Long Island Railroad any more.

75. Horse smell and hay sets off my allergies and asthma. Flowers usually don't put me over the edge, perfume and hairspray can.

76. All of my grandparents are first generation Americans. All of my great grandparents were born in Europe.

77. I had the youngest parents out of my first and second grade class. My dad and I were 23 years apart. In third grade, this girl Marie was only 16 years younger than her mother.

78. In my first grade class, all but one of us had stay at home moms. There was one other girl who's mom worked at the school in the office but that didn't really count.

79. I have owned 6 dogs in my life. The present one is making me like dogs less.

80. I like to do jigsaw and crossword puzzles and hardly ever do them now.

81. Favorite cookie: Homemade oatmeal raisin chocolate chip.

82. Least favorite food: Legumes! I don't like peas.

83. I have been to three countries: Canada, US of course, France.

84. I have been to the following states: Maine, Vermont, New York, Rhode Island, NH, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, PA, Virginia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, NC, SC, TN, Nevada and if you want to count this: Washington, DC. Even though I've been down the entire East Coast, it was never all on one trip. I didn't drive to FL.

85. I have an accent?! Whatta ya mean? Ya kiddin' me, right? Find out if you do here. My result:

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Northeast

Judging by how you talk you are probably from north Jersey, New York City, Connecticut or Rhode Island. Chances are, if you are from New York City (and not those other places) people would probably be able to tell if they actually heard you speak.

The Inland North
The Midland
The South
The West
North Central


Alot of the questions were "Do they sound the same". If you think that merry, marry and mary sound the same then obviously you're reading them wrong. They're completely different words. I wonder how you folks in other parts of the country understand each other if everything sounds like that.

86. I have some gray hair now. My mother had alot of gray hair and my father had almost none. Less than I have now when he was in his 60s. I wonder when I'll look like Dumbledore.

87. Least favorite color: Blue. (ok blue lovers, don't pick on me! I did make nice blue socks!)

88. I live in this house 7 years and have never completely unpacked but I try not to think that I am a packrat. If we decide to move, I'll be ready.

89. Goal in life: To have a cleared off kitchen counter.

90. I don't like whitebread. I like hard, crusty Italian bread..with seeds...made in a brick Brooklyn. (I can actually buy that here, it's imported once a day to our town!)

91. I have always thought about being an entrepreneur but will never become one because I don't take any risks.

92. I like nature. I like to look at the sky, the flowers, the trees, the changing of the seasons, the beach.

93. I have never littered. That's disgusting. I think about the Indian crying in that commercial. He wasn't really an Indian, you know. He was Italian. His name was Iron Eyes Cody. He has since passed on. I guess CNN didn't know anything about him at that time.

94. I learned to crochet from my grandmother and from this book. I never attempted tatting. Talk about TINY STITCHES. I did look through the entire book and may still have my copy around here somewhere. Great book!

95. I have had only three jobs in my whole life.

96. I get migraine headaches.

97. I am somewhat well organized but still can't get the house under control. Too much 'stuff'.

98. I am always relieved when the holiday season is over.

99. I can remember the names of all my teachers.

100. I am a morning person. I guess you already knew that.

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Wow! There are things on that list that I never knew about you!