Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, November 11, 2007

In a funk? Make Soap!

CHEESE!! No, it's soap!

Today is Sunday. I have the kids all by myself today while DH goes way out to Eastern Long Island with his string quartet to play a wedding. They didn't feel like knitting or making pot holders and we need to get started on Christmas gifts to their relatives. So, we made soap.

No, silly, not with lye. We did simple melt and pour. I picked up some clear glycerin and some white soap base at Michael's yesterday. I also bought three scents and some soap color. We made 21st century soap. This was a really, really fun project for them and it'll probably get them to wash their hands. We are going to make more for some teacher gifts, too.

The little girl made purple turtles and frogs and scented them with cucumber melon. The little boy made cherubs and scented them with vanilla. I used the leftovers to make some layered soaps. You can see the big bar on the right has an ugly air bubble in it. I think the soap wasn't heated all the way through. We then made some marbleized and some orange pumpkins. This was a trial, I have some nice ideas for some upcoming soap making so stay tuned!

Homemade Soap - Our first attempt.

There is still homework to be done. Last week, we had to do a Family Turkey for DS's Kindergarten class. I put my crafting skills to the test and we all got together and worked on it.
Then we were rewarded with the finished product! He was very excited over his turkey.
Now, we have to do one for DD's pre-K class. Her project is a little different. We have to dress her turkey up in a disguise so no one will catch him for thanksgiving!
Wait'll you see what the little one has dreamed up. I am helping her put her vision to the test here and we'll have something nice by this evening.
Well, time to do some more ho-hum housework so I'll have time for the turkey and for watching Planet Earth tonight on the Discovery Channel while I knit!

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