Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stansfield #12 Sock Update

It's been a whirlwind! I was thinking last week that I would hit my 100th post by now but I didn't make it. This is 97 or so. I have been entirely overwhelmed with the usual suspects. Work, bill paying, work, kiddies, work, laundry, the puppy. So, for post 97, we'll show my sock. This is a snug fitting sock. I lied to you the other day, the gauge is on the Valley Yarns Franklin Sock label. Next time, I'll know better and use more stitches. It looks skinnier than it is, it DOES fit, albeit snug. The fabric is stretchy. Upload, crappy picture... I'll have to take a better one soon. As you can see, sock one is done and sock #2 is well on it's way. I'm getting up to the part that we all love the best, the gusset! Where one is obligated to pay attention.

I'll have to take a close up and show you the nice eye of partridge heel that I did on this. The color is beautiful and I get to enjoy it all day because it comes off on my fingers. I walk around and everyone thinks that I just ate pistachio nuts.

I just can't get any natural light this morning. The sky looks like this:

Ya know, that's what it looks like in northern Alaska for a very good part of the year. Actually, I like it, it's beautiful. Yesterday's was even better. Dark clouds with an edge of clearing and colors. A true fall sky. BUT, bad blogger that I am didn't have my camera. I will most certainly take it today!

Tonight is our department's (about 200 will go) Christmas "HOLIDAY" party. We are all working on Secret Santa ""WINTER WISHES" letters.

Politically correct, you know.

Well, it's still early enough to go knit . Wait, can't offend the other crafters out there!

Ugh..Do needlework?

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