Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Spindle Socks Update

My fingertips hurt. I don't know why but they do. Particularly my right index one. I think that I tap down the ultra sharp knitpicks needle (the left one) with it when I knit and it has a little hole in it. Probably filled with bacteria. White blood cells going crazy as we speak. Some of the other ones on my left hand hurt, too. That's because I whipped out my violin in hopes of gaining 30 years of practicing time in 2 weeks so that I can play a christening.

Anyway, wanna see my spindle socks? I keep thinking there is an extra row before the gusset part but there isn't. It's right..hmmn. I am probably going to finish these today. I need to knit 30 rows and a toe and they'll be done. I'm clipping away at them but I haven't worked on the Iris Afghan in a whole week. Tonight is knit night and I may bring my Jaywalkers to unknit the toe some more and then fix them up tomorrow morning when I have some, "I'm the only one in the house until 11:30". Can you see that I reinforced the heel with black wooly nylon? I love that stuff. The heel and the toes, works great!

Today, the man is coming to repair my range. It is electric and the problem is: it stays on. I can't turn off one of the burners. Probably a control board and I hope it isn't too expensive to fix. He also better be here on time. I am taking DD to the yarn shop by my job today. They're closing the store on 12/15 and today is the first day of 50% off everything. They open at 10AM...Will I be first? Probably. I wonder how much Cherry Tree Hill she has on hand. I wonder what the limit of my credit card is...But seriously, I don't need any sock yarn but I would like some and I cannot resist a sale. This is a BIG sale so let's see what happens.

Yesterday was Halloween and, like almost all of the October days, it was warm. In fact, it was almost hot at one point and I used the AC in the car. And, two Halloween Pix for you, DD and DS and the scary monster, nicknamed, "Goosebumps".
So, today, off to the yarn shop with DD in tow to pick out some sock yarn. I also have to look for my cable needle. I can't wait to start new socks and continue to work on my Iris Afghan.
More tomorrow, for sure!

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