Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Trip to the City .. and my new project

Yesterday, I went to visit my co-workers in the NYC office. I took DD with me because she loves to see the city, the dinosaur at Toys R Us, likes the pizza, and loves the train. She's becoming more and more demanding, like The Brat in Willy Wonka, Violet. She even says, "I want it now!!"

Silly me, took her to NYC, took her to Toys R Us, took her to see the dinosaur and took the camera. I left The Sock on my desk at work so it didn't get to see the dinosaur! That would've been a great picture. The expression on DD's face when the dinosaur roared..holding the sock.
At first, he just examined the scenery....

I am working on a new sock! It's just a plain black one, using Charlene's Textured Rib pattern. I'm using STR, Black Onyx, 64 sts casted on, size 2 needles, magic looping, two at a time. This is my first sock on 2's. I went to the 2 because they're for hubby and I didn't want to run out of yarn going at a smaller gauge, especially with STR, which is nice but skimpy on yardarge. For some reason, the black feels thicker. I'm just about ready for the heel flap and I only started this about three days ago. Pattern = piece of cake. I'm thinking that I'm moving up to 'intermediate - experienced" sock knitter now. (Yes!! Goal in life, accomplished!!) I'm scaring myself looking at harder patterns. I looked at the chalet socks pattern, with travelling stitches, the zig zag socks from Vogue (easier by far!) and Bavarian Socks. You can see them on Grumperina's website, they're lovely. Being the expert (she's past 'experienced' knitter by far!) She notes the mistake in the pattern. I'll try it and see what happens and I'm leaning towards this as my next project....either Bavarian sock or Waving Lace. (I know...I'm out of control lately.)

Next question. This book has been out awhile. It's not that great of a book but it's more than 'ok'. The Bavarian sock, among others, are truly lovely. Why only five projects on Ravelry so far? (soon to be six)....

Then, he spotted her!! Ready to eat my baby! Poncho and all! Turn up your speakers!

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