Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pirates, Princesses, Mudslides, Weasleys, Puppets--OH MY!

Hi, remember me?
I'm in bad need of a post! Naturally, I don't have the camera and the PC and my pencil and my knitting together so I can only tell you about the glory of the forethought heel and toe on my completed sock. One Mudslide down and one to go! It's nice. I think that I could've made the leg a wee bit longer as I had enough yarn but the baby cable pattern came out really nice with the mudslide socks that rock yarn.

The Weasley sweater for DS - finished. I have to make one for DD next and will only make a few minor changes to the pattern. For now, please imagine pictures of both.

The other thing that had me very busy for the first half of the month was arranging my son's birthday party. We had 22 children and 23 adults at a very underated place on Long Island. The Long Island Puppet Museum and Theatre. It was a very different, cultural, fun party. The place was converted from an old garage into a Victorian era theatre. Roman Valdes, a self taught artist, is a master. He's married to a lovely woman, Eliza. Together, they run the theatre. He decorated the entire place with his art, designed the stage, makes the puppets that are in the shows and puts on performances. The performances aren't like Kukla, Fran and Ollie. No siree, they have a score, a dialog and even a light show! They're great! This I have pictures of..

Awesome puppets made by Roman Valdes, above and below.

Museum pieces, collectible puppets some of which are 100 years old!

The theme for the party was "Pirates and Princesses" and DH (with hair!!) and DS looked so cute.

It doesn't take much to have DD dress up and have a good time. She is a true princess.
and...always acts like a lady.

This is the ceiling, inside the theatre. Amazing!!

Since he's married, Mr. Valdes paints his wife, over and over again. This is Eliza.

Not only is he a great artist, he's a pirate, too. Great with the kiddies! They had a great time!

Please read more about Roman Valdes and his life's work here.

For now, I leave you with a picture of a little boy that just turned six.
He's my life's work.

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