Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day and the Forethought Heel

Yippee! It's Leap Day! It always looks so funny to look at "2/29".
First off, I did it! I did it! The forethought heel. It's not too bad at all, a snap. The pros are numerous: doesn't mess up the stripes, by the time it's done you've done the equivalent of a heel flap, gusset, gusset decreases and you're on the foot. It's neat, like you're knitting out into space and then .. it's just...there! A heel! The cons are numerous, too. It's not really pretty and it can be hard to match the colors from one sock to the next. It's hard to set up; not difficult to do, but I felt like I was all thumbs for the first row. There's no heel stitch, it's really just stockinette stitch. You have to use kitchener stitch and you can't try it on easily to see how it's going until it's done.

Here's the set-up shot. Pretty cool, isn't it? Scroll down for completion of the heel.

This is my first forethought heel. I will publish more details when I do the other sock. It did mess up the stripes a bit, details on that when I'm not so tired.

Yes, I know, it can be scary to try a new thing. Think of this as an old thing though. Basically, you're just knitting a toe. You've all done that before, I bet!

On the last picture, you can see it. That's the leg and the heel from another angle. It's a toe.

More importantly, my little girl has kicked the habit of thumb sucking. It was a long, hard thing for her to do. She kept track of her success by accumulating an entire sheet of stickers. She chose the reward herself, an American Girl Doll that looks like her. I promised her a trip to the store but we haven't gotten a chance to go. When we do go, we'll get the necessary pajamas. For now, just the doll.
P.S. This isn't extravagant. It's cheaper than braces and her pearly whites look better already!

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