Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Dragon Scarf and a Lesson in TV and Movie History, a new WIP. I started Morehouse Merino's Puff the Magic Merino Dragon Scarf, for DS, in Red, also known as "Huff". I have a few spikes done so far and I'm not so sure it's supposed to look like this. I was under the impression that the center stitch would be his spine, working it's way up to the top spike along the outer edge. I have never done '3D Knitting' (although I have seen 3D TV but that's a story for another day.) before. I have done 3D crocheting before and this just isn't working for me. It works but it doesn't look right.

Mine seems to be a little twisty. It's ok, I guess. No one is going to notice this except me and I'm sure that I'm doing it correctly. I'm not so sure that I like this yarn. There is virtually no twist to it. You can pull it apart like polyester stuffing....almost. It is very nice and fluffy and will probably be nice and warm. We'll see how it works out after washing and blocking. I'm not going to make myself nuts with this. Also, there is no row gauge so I have no idea how long this is going to come out. It's not very wide..yet. You start at the tail and work your way up.. and dragons have small bottoms.

Speaking of small bottoms, I bought another game show prize today to add to my collection of game show type toys. It's a nice Nordic Track Treadmill. I've always wanted one to hang my clothes on because I want to be in shape. Thin, fit, ready for the olympics. It has a few do-dads that I'll probably never use though. Even a hook up for an iPod. (Which I don't own, I still have a functioning walkman.) It also has some kinda technology where there is a personal trainer talking to you. I wonder if you can set that to a nice, sweet voice. With my luck it'll probably be some drill Sargent, Sgt Carter like on Gomer Pyle. He'll be out to get me.

Making this purchase inspired me to clear out some junk in my house today. It is going in this room, the room where I keep my computer, facing the TV. Yes, the TV is as old as my Walkman and doesn't have a cable box but we do have a VCR here and I can watch stuff on video tape or read. I never get to read these days. Maybe I can finally finish Harry Potter? I also have Verizon Fios, which doesn't send an analog signal. For those of you not in the know, it means that this TV doesn't work for Broadcast TV because I don't have a cable box.

Also, justifying this purchase to myself and you, my loyal readers, I nearly failed the stress test I took the other day. I was huffin' and puffin'. If they kept me on there any longer, I'd be weepin' wailin' like the women in "Oklahoma!". And the tech is going, "Keep going, Joanne! You have 75 more seconds at this rate". I felt like George Jetson, "Jane, stop this crazy thing!". It was pitiful. It was also pitiful that I had taken this same test with this same tech two years ago and did much better. I'm just so out of shape. Knitting isn't helping this situation so maybe a Nordic Track will.

Plus, husband wants one, too. It comes Saturday. We'll you think I can knit and walk at the same time? Do you think I watch too much TV as it is?

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