Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Sands of Time

Only one more week of summer vacation. I took the little girl clothes shopping and she came home with a huge haul. Dresses, tights, knee socks, more dresses. She is particularly fond of her school shoes.

Odd that she would choose these. They made me think alot about my childhood. I remember my first day of Kindergarten. Unlike my baby, I was the firstborn. I remember that I wanted to be an adult. None of that kid stuff for me! The first day of school, I had a jumper, It was teal. I had a long sleeved white shirt under it with ruffles. I had white knee socks and shoes. Shoes that looked very, very much like these. Mine didn't have the skid resistant rubber sole though; that probably wasn't invented yet. My mother pinned a little handkerchief to the left side of my jumper. I have no idea why she did that? Maybe it was the style? She did it every day. Little ruffly handkerchiefs. I distinctly remember my mother asking me, "Are you going to miss mommy"? And, I answered back, seriously, "no". I really, really wanted to go! I didn't go to daycare, nursery school or any type of program. I stayed home with my stay at home mom. The term Stay at Home Mom wasn't coined yet. Why? There was almost no such thing as a "Working Mom". Almost every mom stayed home. Like on Leave it to Beaver, Donna Reed, Bewitched and other shows of the time. I saw the tears well up in her eyes. "Really?" "I want to go to Kindergarten". Then, we gathered up the other kids and moms that were in the "Morning Program" at PS 12 and we took stroll over there. I was so excited and didn't cry or miss my mom at all. I knew she would be there to pick me up. No separation anxiety, nothing. School was great!

And now, decades later, I send my own little girl off to school. In less than two weeks, my baby girl will start a new chapter of her life.

I hope that I don't cry like I did with my son. I hope I can handle this. I hope she does well.

When stressed...knit!

Maybe I'll have to send her off with socks so she can feel the love. Will they be done in time? Knee socks to go with those cute little shoes...these are the colors she picked out. They're coming along nicely. They're certainly going to work as knee socks for her. I wasn't thinking that this yarn would stripe but it is and it's even striping per the pattern repeats, interesting. I should make 40 stitch socks more often. She can't wait to wear them with her new school shoes.

Must knit...keep my mind off of, "I no longer have babies".
I can still get a thrill out of watching them sleep though. I took this picture to remember how cute they look when they're small. I will have to show it to them one day when they're like, 20.


She wants to go to Kindergarten ............just like I did.

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