Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, August 3, 2008

August 5 - A Day That Will Live in Infamy

August 5. A very strange day for me and it's coming up fast!

Seems I have had alot of life events on that day and it's upon us once more. Sad ones and happy ones. My grandfather passed away, my father passed away (10 years later), my dog passed away (the same day as my grandfather), I took my road test, my husband and I went on our first official "DATE", we made an offer on our house, (comon guys! That was a different year, too!)

I wonder what this one will bring?

Rough week all around, first off, kids were sick. Then, DH got sick. Coughing, hacking up a lung, sneaking the occassional cigarette, bad boy that he is. It got to the point where I couldn't take it any longer ane neither could he. He went to the dr. and it's more serious than he thought. It isn't just congestion, it's down in his lungs. Fortunately, no fever, but she's treating him for pneumonia. He gets a chest x-ray tomorrow.

I got sick, too. I'm the mommy and that doesn't matter. Mommies aren't allowed to get sick and if they do, pretty much no one notices. If it lingers for awhile, the house gets dirtier. They may notice that the toliet is dirty, there are toothpaste stains on the mirror and all the silverware and the dishes are in the dishwasher and there is a funny smell coming from it. That's how they know that I'm sick. I am much better now one noticed that either.

Because of all this, the Smooshy Fruit Loop socks are taking me a long time. So much so that it's been a week and I am just finishing up the gusset decreases today. Maybe, it's more than a week. They noticed that I was sick. They don't get knit as quickly and they have to hang out in the basket wondering if they'll ever have toes. Plus, I didn't take another picture of them. Not even an eye candy Friday picture was taken this week. Not even a knit night picture. I got plenny a nuttin'. Ok, you twisted my arm. I'll post an Eye Candy picture now. Belated but a photo nonetheless.

Another lily has bloomed!

This one is white. (duh!) I like my flowers . We'll be enjoying these pictures come the long dark days of February so I matters well post them now.

Let's see what this August 5 holds. Nothing is as exciting as when I was younger. Life, it kinda slows down. I used to think it was great to run around and see Elton John, Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen. Nowadays, bravo for life's little miracles. For example, I was really excited the other day when The Village Knitter got a nice shipment of Smooshy! I now have Giant Peach in my stash!

And, it wasn't even August 5th....


Elizzabetty said...

I'm thinking about you today. I hope your August 5th is going well, or at least non-eventfully!

It's Just Me said...

ok.....don't keep us in suspense about the day..