Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, August 15, 2008

Socks on Vacation - The Final Chapter

Well, all good things must come to an end. Eventually, I knew it would stop raining. DH was exhausted and not feeling all that well, DD was coughing, it poured. We packed up our campsite inside of three hours and headed down the mountain to good old Long Island, land of flatness with beaches.

We stopped in Lake George for a nice breakfast and a chance to get out of the rain, plus to fill the gas tank. Miraculously, the sun came out. "May I suggest that we stop in Saratoga? Let the kids run around?" By the time we got there, it was after 1PM and the entire town would be at the races. What better time to stop for a snack at my most favorite, most delicious boulangerie?

The most scrumptious, most delectable goodies. Coffee, breakfast, cake, it's almost like being in Paris.

Doesn't that look yummy? I had to shove the lady in front of my out of the way to take this picture. It was what I felt like eating but I was so stuffed that I couldn't squeeze it in so I elected to get a chocolate chip cookie for the road instead. YUM!!!

Next, we took a stroll down the block to another landmark...

They have tons of stuff in here, plus, they have pretty window decorations.

That's DH peaking into the doorway, far right. Even he can't tear himself away and he knows as much about yarn as I do about the NBA.

They have so much yarn there! Probably because they grow it on site..

Right in little clay pots! Very imaginative, don't you think?

Inside, DD was thrilled to see funky hats. She was also spending alot of time inhaling vinegar fumes from many a hank...a lady stopped me and said, "I can see she's already into it".
Yes, a musician and a knitter and a crocheter she will be. She is such a mini-me it's scary sometimes.
Naturally, I didn't really buy that basket of yarn in my previous post. I took some Colinette Jitterbug in Fruit Coulis colorway.
Here it is near the Tappan Zee Bridge. I also took some Reynolds Soft Seal Wool in red. I haven't photographed it yet. Other than this brief moment, it rained or looked like it almost the entire way home.

I drove from Lake George to the last rest area on the Thruway, just north of the Tappan Zee Bridge. I wanted DH to drive so I could snap some pictures. My supercool beloved camera can take pictures out of a moving car with ease. So, here I have for you, the little cloud who grew.

Look closely, that's the same cloud and it was rising rapidly. I watched it grow and grow, it darkened and turned into this.
and, finally, the little cloud grew and grew. And, others all around it grew and grew. It was able to take this shot from the Throgg's Neck Bridge. The thunderstorm was over Manhattan, see the Empire State Building there? That's the Whitestone Bridge.

Thunderstorm over the Whitestone Bridge, NYC, August 11, birthday!

Stay tuned! Next up, a FO, a new project and a new friend!

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