Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, December 5, 2008

Just Keep Spinning, Spinning, Spinning!

Spindles. Aren't they pretty? That's our first attempt at spinning. Even Boobette is getting into the act. She's a fiberholic in training.

When we go to the yarn shop, she smells the yarn. It's hilarious. She is fascinated by the wheel and wants to learn to spin so badly.

We're working on that, she treadles way too fast....
If you have't guessed, I haven't been knitting. :(
I have been spinning! :)
I received my Lendrum DT the other day and was able to set it up myself in just a few seconds. I have been practicing on some undyed Corriedale.

That thick one near the loopy thing (technical terms, I know) is the last one and it'll tighten right up when I continue. I'm trying to get it onto the bobbin nice and evenly but it's tough. I'm just a little too short for this and it's hard to see around and over the top!
I may be more comfy with a little higher chair, must experiment to see what works. I love how it matches the decor of my house.

It spins like a dream, so nice and smooth and quiet! Ah...bliss...

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Elizzabetty said...

What a lovely Lendrum!