Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Spinning or "What am I gonna do with this yarn?"

Ok, time to oogle!

So, I've been practicing spinning out of some gifted mystery fiber. It's probably BFL although we can't be sure because it wasn't labelled. It foofs up when it's underspun and BFL does that so I'm guessing that that is what it is.

I'm having less trouble with the wheel since the last guild meeting. When I was plying up the undyed Corriedale, I needed Lance Armstrong thigh strength when the bobbin was getting full. I have learned more about proper tension and I'm getting much better at spinning evenly. I was able to make these two skeins of lemon lime somewhat heavy worsted weight (I didn't check the WPI yet) yarn.

The bottom one isn't as nice as the first one but it's still very good. They're both spun much more evenly than anything else I've done prior to this and the twist will set much better when they've had their bath. I also made some autumn/pumpkin colored yarn in a light bulky weight that I didn't show you yet but I had some left over.

I also had a bit lemon lime left over on one bobbin so I decided to ply them together. This isn't at all beautiful; however, it was a lesson for me. I could easily see how the yarn was twisting together and work on my plying skills. This was only a few yards, a sample for me. Then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's a strange color combo.

Maybe one more skein out of mystery fiber and I'll be ready to tackle some of the nicer stuff I these:
That's BFL for the Evergreen Grove (I bought two of the Evergreen Grove) and Mixed berry Rambouillet. The lovely one on the bottom was irresistible to me. It's merino and it is lovely! I am saving that one. This give me a chance to try different fibers. By the time I spin and use what I have, I'll be ready to tackle that one and it'll be fall. Gorgeous. I actually love all of them. Not shown is 8oz of solid Louet Corriedale. I will show you that next time along with my current knitting projects which aren't going anywhere because all I do is spin and do exercise on the wii fit nowadays. Also, not shown is two skeins of autumn colored mystery fiber that is the color of the one in the mixed skein above. It's very pretty!
Now, in other news, remember that pair of Seeded Ribbing socks I made for my little boy? Well, I got an e-mail on Ravelry that they'd like to use my picture for the pattern page! I didn't get 'top booking' but if you ravel Charlene's Seeded Ribbing socks, you'll see my socks! On my little boy's feet! I made them! (Both, the feet and the socks.) I was ... honored! So, if you're looking for me and want my autograph or something, I'll be the one in the Jackie-O sunglasses and poofy scarf at Rhinebeck 2009. I'll also be carrying around 30lbs of fiber like some people I saw this year. It'll be really fun to go to Rhinebeck as a spinner. Only 10 more months!

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