Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Actually, I'm Low on Roving...

I cleared up my fiber mess!

My husband did some house cleaning the past few days and now we have useable space. It seems that the house is alot bigger and alot neater without so much clutter. However, I've been spinning alot and I'm actually a bit low on fiber. I do have that gorgeous Deep Sea green merino tencel to spin. Hmmn...Let me think about it. I also have dark green merino top, Evergreen Grove. Tomorrow is the Guild meeting and I need to bring something to work on and don't feel like it being knitting so it's going to be one of those. Decisions Decisions!

I'm knitting away on the Pinkaboo blanket. Still sick and still coughing. My son is better, nearly, but baby girl has a sinus infection. They had a lovely Easter. There was traditional egg coloring..

We bought this kit that makes 'marble' eggs. Kinda weird, the one on the right is shiny and marble like. The one on the left (green, I made that one!) didn't come out right. I didn't 'swirl it in the oil' first. Remind me not to use this for yarn ... ever..

Someone double dipped. She got an Easter Basket from the Bunny and some money from the Tooth Fairy in the same night. They saved on air fare, joining forces in these sad economic times. Or maybe the Bunny rode on the fairy's wings?

And no, we didn't start off with DD in a white shirt.

The little egg coloring project and excitement over Easter made them even smile and get close like they like each other. They'll love this picture in about 30 years. It's one of the first shots where I am starting to think that they look a bit alike.

Speaking of 'in 30 years'. DD announced that she is going to grow up and have a 'nice husband and 6 daughters' and live around the corner from her brother who will have a 'nice wife and 11 children'. She thinks it will be neat if they all could "get together". Yes, I thought. Counting their spouses, they have enough for two baseball teams and two coaches......

For "Easter Monday" we went to the preserve for a walk.... in the 46 degree "APRIL" weather. The kids were supposed to look for 'Signs of Spring' while I looked for 'Signs of a Blizzard'. Here's two that they saw.

There were actually three geese together here. I made it look by two, being this is a G-rated blog.

Things are actually growing near the edge of the lake. Amazing that the FREEZE we had the other night didn't kill all the vegetation.

As you can see, nothing is really growing yet and most of the trees don't even have their buds. It's like we are living in Alaska... no sun, gray sky, nothing growing. Still dark, still dismal.

When will it be spring?

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