Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Monday, April 6, 2009

Oooh La La Alpaca!

I was jumping for joy last night over my latest homespun yarn. I started with 10 oz of roving and now I have soft luscious yarn. I spun, I plied and I plied...and I plied. Honestly, it was endless. I was taking my time and being careful but I do think that I'll be much better off with the plying head. I made small hanks. This is right after plying but before they had their bath. They total about 320 yards.

Then, I washed them. They actually were quite dirty, there was even some alpaca silt in the basin, sandy like.
(Yes, if you're thinking it, I did count the number of treadles. I wanted this to come out good!)

Here they are drying on a Shamwow. (They make good towels for yarn! Dried in no time!)
Then, the moment of truth. When I held them up, they each hung open in a perfect loop. Nice and balanced! Yeah!!! NO Twisting to the left or to the right. It was great!

A close up of the wet yarn. (Hope you're enjoying this as much as I am. Also, if you actually read this far, you probably are.)

They were barely wet when I hung them off the handles of all my kitchen cabinets and then, the next morning, I had beautiful yarn in my kitchen.

Et voila, the finished product. The yarn bloomed beautifully and it enjoyed being beaten against my countertop a few times. I love it! It softened up so nicely and will make something nice and toasty. A shawly scarfy thing, for sure!

Another dreary, rainy day here on Long Island so the pictures aren't all that great but you can see how nice an even they are and all four are very much alike.

Oooh la la, Alpaca!

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