Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Gods or just the Fiber Napper?

Hmmn...I must be losing my mind. After suffering with sinus pain for a few days, I took some Claritin-D. I was coughing and sneezing and very, very congested on Saturday. In fact, I stayed on the couch with my lovely alpaca and spun and spun. Today is Tuesday and I'm finally feeling better. Maybe there is a reason why they keep it behind the counter other than the kids use it to get high.

So, I broke open some 50/50 Merino Tencel in the "Snow Cone" colorway that I bought on Etsy from Moonlightbaker. I wasn't thrilled with the colors but they were different. After all, something to brighten things up after tan and tan and tan would be a change of pace. It was on sale, it was over 4 oz and I wanted desperately to spin Tencel after fondling it at the last guild meeting. I hope mine is as soft as that. I divided it in half (by the gram) and was nearly done spinning the first half but I misplaced 7 grams of fiber. Or...was it 'napped? The Fiber Napper is out there, still at large. You can read all about this infamous person in the Long Island Knitters group on Ravelry if you like. Hmmn...

Thinking that maybe I didn't lose it but rather spun it onto bobbin number one, I proceeded with spinning onto bobbin number two. I weighed them and sure enough, bobbin number two is 7 grams heavier but the fiber is no where to be found...they sorta look the same. I just have visions of plying and running out of fiber on one well before the other. Ticks me off.

Snow Cone looks nice and shiny and very blue/purple. I was thinking more red. We'll see how this plies. Pictures next time!

Additionally, a few days ago, my Pampered Chef Bar Pan cracked. I was heartbroken. Luckily, Pampered Chef is going to replace it. I miss it desperately and can't wait until the new one arrives.

Tonight, I used my 9x9 vanilla Pampered Chef pan to make luscious crab cakes and you know what I saw? A hairline fracture. Sheesh! Only a matter of time before that cracks all the way through. Dagnamit.

So, the God took my pans, the Gods made me sick and the Fiber Napper took 7 grams of my Snow Cone.

Moral of the story? Keep your receipts, always please the Gods and for God's sake, hide your fiber! You never know when it could be 'napped!

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