Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Gearing up for the Wallaby!

Well, I've reached a decision today. It's time to make hubby the Wonderful Wallaby that he wants. He's picked his color: Cascade Superwash 220 color number 860. I am considering ordering the yarn from Hello Knitty, being they charge $2.50 to ship and have very good prices. I may order it from Infinite Yarns being they're local and I like to keep the local businesses in business. Let's get a price first!

In any event, I got the yarn coming...I have the pattern in hand...he picked his color... only one more thing is needed! SO....I also treated myself to the Knitpicks Options Needle set today! I got the needles and a few extra cables. I'm wondering if you can remove the needles from the cables and use them as stitch holders? Do they have endcaps to put on? I should've sprung for a spare 0 and 1 while I was at it though, being I'm thinking about making socks two at a time going forward.

I'm also thinking about taking out the pink sock with the mistake. It bothers me. Let me put that on hold for now.......

The blue socks are coming along nicely! Love's always better, the second time around! My frogging skills have really increased. While waiting on the needles and yarn to come in, I'm going to finish the baby blanket. Only a few more rows to go.

So, let's set some goals for ten days ahead:

1. Finish the Blue Socks for the last time.
2. Finish the baby blanket that I haven't shown you yet.
3. At least start the sleeve for Daniel's blue hooded raglan pullover.
4. Ensure that the 10 lbs is gone off of my body.

Yep, I've been hanging at 8-9 lbs for awhile now. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I feel fatter than ever. Tomorrow night is departmental night out. We're going to dinner and then to bowl. Should be fun! (I love Burgers and Beer diet!!! OH MY!) Today I had a yogurt, two meal replacement bars (one for breffie, one for lunch) a salad with lowfat blue cheese dressing and six large croutons (or as my daughter says, "FUTONS") and one cup of fresh strawberries. I'm not hungry but I'm looking forward to dinner. Nutrisystems Chicken Pasta Parm over a large bed of spaghetti squash with two tablespoons of grated cheese. Then, delicious water. Then, for dessert, nutrisystems chocolate bar with the crunchies inside or maybe a blueberry lemon dessert bar which I like. ....

Then, finish the sock!

BTW, did you click over to Elizzabetty's blog? Her weatherpixie needs a new wardrobe, don't you think? What Not to Wear?!

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