Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, October 28, 2007

In the Bullpen

I try to be creative with the titles of my posts and I think that their obscurity sometimes leads to my lack of hits. It being the World Series and all, I'm trying to keep with the season. (I.E. Socks on the Pumpkin. Comon! Wasn't that cute?) I just wonder how many people out there read this regularly and just continue to lurk. Well, for my loyal readers, I have a bunch of nice pictures for you to see today. Oh well, I'm at fault, too. I read all about people's lives and their knitting and I almost never leave a comment.

Here's my little girl enjoying playing in the yarn a bit. She can't wait to learn to knit and I think that she will be very good at it someday.

She loves sniffing the yarn and winding it up. Sometimes, she doesn't like the vinegar smell if it is too strong but for the most part, she loves to sniff yarn, just like me. She really liked the Kangaroo Yarn from Webs. You can really see the nice subtle shading as she is sporting it around her neck.

Next up..look how nicely the spindle socks are coming along. Last night, I separated them to do the heel flaps with reinforcing thread and I kept going on sock A because I wanted to see if 210 yards was going to cut it. I have 11 grams left...down to the ball of the foot. I bought this yarn in Saratoga and don't feel like driving nearly 500 miles round trip for another skein. I will have to stay up late and finish sock A or at least see if I am going to need another ball and then call them tomorrow. 2 grams makes one "spindle" and I have enough for four spindles left so I MIGHT make it, barely.

Up in the top left, that's Socks that Rock, "Lucy in the Sky"next to Webs Valley Yarn, the one that's been dyed by a Kangaroo..."Cherries". Ok, "Kangaroo Dyer". It might be a person who not only dyes sock yarn but dyes kangaroos. But anyway, I was torn between Cherries and Pine Cone....and Spruce and Twilight....So, Elizzabetty got me some Cherries on her latest escape to the North Country. Isn't that great? I will pay her back with a surprise next week. It's no fun if she knows what it is so don't tell her. I will get her just what she needs....a puppy! A big giant one with big giant paws that is cute when it's little and then grows into 200 lbs! :)

Shhh!! Don't tell her. Let's hope she is too busy to read this between now and the time that I pick it up from the breeder.

Meanwhile, back to my socks...

I want to make red socks next. And, next might be soon. I'm between that Old Rose from Cherry Tree Hill (not pictured here), Cherries and Ruby Slippers. Here's Cherries on the top and Ruby Slippers on the bottom. I also don't know what pattern I'm going to use yet....possibly a lace sock, possibly Monkeys, possibly another one from More Sensational Knitted Socks which is rapidly becoming my favorite book.

Lastly, another shot, L to R: STR: Lucy in the Sky and Ruby Slippers, Valley Yarns: Cherries. That nice green one on the bottom is Lorna's Laces "Douglas Fir" a gorgeous green.

What to do? Who's in the bullpen???

I know, finish the spindle socks.

Off to knit them now...only one sock project at a time and I still have to unknit and fix the Jaywalker toes. We could see three FOs this week being it is a short work week for me....

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Elizzabetty said...

Hey! I heard that!

Just one question--is the puppy a mouser?