Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cross Stitch Suprise!

I promised a surprise and here it is:

So, what do you think? It's counted cross stitch that I finally had framed. The U isn't a mistake,there was no word "umbrella" stitched on the pattern, so I did it that way.

Now to find a place to hang it.

In other news, this is a quicky post so we need to cut to the chase:

1. Anyway, Stansfield #12 is nearly done and I will show them to you soon enough.

2. Work is still in the end of the year crazies but I have been able to come up for air every now and again.

3. I am frogging Stansfield #16. Two reasons: 1. I don't like what the pattern is doing to my lovely ruby slippers. 2. I needed the needle. That's right, I destroyed my 2.5 mm US Size 1 last night. Knitpicks is sending out a replacement. It's good that they replace them and it's good that I have two of each of the smaller sizes. The cable snapped at the join. The first one that broke (size 0) came unglued. This one just snapped at the join.

It's cold. Like 30 degrees. More bad things: the heater in my fish tank broke. I think it may've been broken for a few days. I am very unhappy about that because the heater is 16 months old and they last like, forever. I have to get a new one tomorrow and it's 22 degrees. I just boiled a pot of water on the stove and carefully added it to the tank. I also turned the heat in the room up a bit so they won't freeze to death tonight. I'll get them a heater in the morning.

Tomorrrow I am volunteering at the Church for the Christmas boutique. I have to help preschoolers select presents for their families. This will be from hopefully when I get there (7:50 AM? until 8:50AM) This isn't going to be easy work. One of the preschoolers is my own. I will also have DS there "helping" out. I have to drop DS off at school (across the street from the church where DD goes to school) at 9. Then, come home, work from home for a few hours, get DS from school at noon, take him to work with me, put him to work (child labor) and then DH will come and pick him up there. Somewhere in there, get the heater.

Should be an all around relaxing day, don't you think?

I know, all you mommies out there, this is the hard part about being a mommy. None of my time is my own. Even the fish need me.

Stay tuned, I think I'm going to flash my stash next. That'll make all of us feel better.

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