Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Winter's Day, in a Deep and Dark December.

Today, a dark dismal winter day, cold and damp Once again, I am not feeling all that well, scratchy sore throat, cough, sick. A dark winter day. This is what it's like in Alaska, I keep telling myself. It's only like this here for a short time. I think that I have SADD.

Now, back to our Broadcast, "Life in a Gameshow"

Yesterday, the kiddies and I enjoyed a visit from Elizzabetty. She brought over her game show toys to show us, the GPS and the new tires. We had tea and oatmeal raisin cookies for snack. The kiddies love her and wanted to show her all their toys, too. I was enamored with her new tires.

My minivan has beautiful bald tires. You know, God only created a few perfect tires. The others he covered with tread. See the nice hole in my front one? The air is leaking out and I'm skiddin'

Bridgestone Turanza 36k miles.

Click here for the Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread with Aquachutes! I love that word, I'll type it again, AQUACHUTES. Sounds like an amusement park ride, no?

I have to get new ones. This is a necessity. I could have a blowout. There is a Mavis Tire store across from the RR station in Massapequa Park. I am going to NYC tomorrow for our end of year staff meeting so it'd be a perfect day to get tires. I am dropping the car off there and hopping on the train and when I come home, I'll be driving on my new Goodyear tires with ... AQUACHUTES!

Last night, we took the kiddies to dinner. I wanted to try a new Chinese Buffet called Tian Tian that a friend recommended. I had the address, I mapquested it but couldn't find it. I told DH in the car, "See! Now if I had a GPS like Betty!" and he gave me that look that said, "you're out of control". We hit the regular buffet. "Good Taste". It's ok, the food is a little better than tolerable. The egg drop soup is good and I put wontons in it. The skin on the wontons is too thick for my liking but not all that bad. The ribs are good and they get stuck in my braces. The shrimp dumplings are great! The sushi sucks. I told them the sushi sucks. Oh well, the kids love it.

Last week, DS broke our cheapo dinette set that DH had from his apartment in Inwood, Manhattan days. We can't really raise the family on this especially now that we have homework, artwork and bigger kids that sit in real chairs. He broke it being out of control and falling. It looks like this now. It has those side leaf things that you can't lean on. Pay no attention to the garbage on the floor, I just wrapped some presents and have to clean up.

So, this morning on my way down to the RR station to purchase a ticket for tomorrow, I stopped in the furniture store and made an offer that they couldn't refuse. I got exactly what I wanted. Natural dinette, double pedestal table rectangular with rounded edges, 4 side chairs, 2 grown up armchairs for the mommy and daddy, dual butterfly leaf. The table stores the leafs underneath so when I have my husband's entire family over here we can all sit at the table. I have service for 12 as well from a previous appearance on a gameshow. This table is big, it's 42x60, good for everyday use. With one leaf, 72, with two leafs, 84. The room is 13x16, three walls of windows. This will go parallel to the 13' side which leaves little room for my glider.

Problem: I love that glider. I don't know what to do with it! It'll have to move..maybe to another room. Where am I going to knit!!!

We love this room, we live in this room. I built this room from the dirt up. We eat and watch tv in here and it's a shame that I didn't make it bigger. BIGGER is better.

So, I'll have to see how the furniture works. We'll need to get rid of that entertainment center and buy a 42 or 60 inch plasma for the wall to create even more space.....

Shall I have to make another appearance.

OK, OK, I know I have you in suspense. Wanna see my monkey?

it's going swimmingly and this pattern is great! Easier than it looks, for sure. (or, as DD says, "Shirr", she sounds like Marsha Brady sometimes. Not like a native Long Islander who would say it just like "SHORE" or "SHOE-AH".

Oh well, kiddies are at a birthday party, I'm not feeling that great, time to clean the house.

Stay tuned for an update on my monkeys and pictures of my sunroom with natural table.

I'm out of control.

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