Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

It's Boxing Day! I didn't get a chance to post for Christmas so I'm posting for Boxing Day, not an American Holiday but a holiday all the same.

First, pictures of the Christmas Pageant at DD's school.

Set: Maria Regina School Christmas Pageant 2007

Little DD sang in her Christmas Pageant and made me cry. What could be cuter than my little four year old, up there on the stage, hamming it up with the other cuties, singing her heart out?
And, sucking her thumb, right there on the stage, in front of countless hundreds.

She was great, sang, wasn't shy, a natural. She was also really tired!
Well, she's decided to kick the habit of thumb sucking. She sucks her thumb every 10-12 minutes and wants an American Girl doll. I told her I would take her to the store to get one if she would stop sucking her thumb. After 30 days of no thumb, we'll go. Much to my surprise....well, let's say it's been 2 days and I better start saving. She must really want this doll. Oh well, if it costs me $200 now, it's cheaper than a few grand for braces later!
Let's talk about my sewing and decorating projects:
I am planning a trip to Joann's to buy some holiday fabric, which is now on sale, for a tablecloth for the new table. That should be a quick and easy project for me to do on my sewing machine. Can't wait. Maybe I will stop there tomorrow on my way to work. I'll be late anyway, being I have a dentist's appointment in the's ALMOST on the way...sorta...
I don't HATE my downstairs bath, it's just the wrong color. Everything downstairs is a different theme. You see, when we bought this house, it had it's very own decor: 1980's beauty salon. There were aluminum, (chrome that is!) blinds. They matched nothing I like or have other than the mag wheels on my sports car which I don't have any longer being I'm wife and mother. I now have a minivan and a Chevy Equinox. ANYWHO, the living room was pink, baby pink. The house exterior was cloud gray. The windows were vintage 1950 single pane originals. The kitchen, yellow. The master bedroom had one wall entirely covered with...cork. Yes, one large bulletin board! The downstairs bath, baby blue. Floor, walls, everything. It had been done in 1999 and was functional and acceptable although poorly and cheaply done.

We painted the living room terra cotta, the kitchen, cream, the master bedroom, marshmellow. We painted the second downstairs bedroom mint and yellow with a Snoopy border on the walls for the baby. (DS who is now nearly 6). We added a room off the kitchen and painted that cream as well. AH, Benjamin Moore take me away.
The bath stayed. It's time to upgrade. DS tried to remove the border a bit and it looked ugly, I removed it a 'lotta bit'. The bathroom is a new WIP. More pictures to come. We had to make it acceptable for Christmas. Maybe I can make it a new shower curtain and a new curtain for the window when I get good at sewing?
This is going, so here's some eye candy for you....

Set: Punkin's Bathroom. Vintage light fixture circa 1999. 1980 Beauty Salon Collection
In knitting news: I have been working on Iris Afghan and Monkey Socks. BUT, I don't have any pictures. Things have been hectic around here. That's why this post is all over the place. Just a quick catch up.

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