Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Monday, July 28, 2008

Smooshy Froot Loops!

What do we have here? Is this adorable or what? It's a new sock! I'm using my Smooshy sock yarn, Butter Peeps, size two needles and knitting away. I really love this yarn. It's the perfect width for socks. STR is lovely, albeit a bit thick and the socks aren't as comfy to wear. It is a dream to work with. However, I really don't like all the striping or pooling. This is more of a mottled effect. The yarn is very different than others, it's got smoosh to it. It doesn't split at all, it sails across the needles and the colors are beautiful. Gotta use my Gothic Rose next. I'm thinking that that might work for Bavarian Sock that I've been eyeing.....

Anyway, in other news. We had major thunderstorms roll through here yesterday. It was muggy and ugly and rolling thunder on and off throughout the day. My roof leaked. That's another story though...Plus, I think my wonderful little dog thinks that the hose to the pool is her play thing and she keeps putting holes in it, draining the water out lower than the filter. That's a real pain. We're not sure if its her (although we don't put it past her) because the holes are little pin holes neatly punched. She likes to tear things up, as she did to my Ruby Slippers sock, the louse. I don't think it's vandalism, so that rules that out. It may just be cheap plastic hoses. Hmmn...

I'm not feeling all that great. I have scratchy throat, cough, fatigue. I feel like the kids did last week. DS is still coughing and not 100% despite a five day course of antibiotics. DD is tougher and was only on the couch for two days. DH is sick. He feels terrible but is off working today because its my day 'off'. I get to clean the house and watch the kids today. Won't be too much knitting time until later in the evening. I don't think that I'll finish these socks in a week as I have for the past two pairs. Maybe...this pattern is a snap. We'll see. It's not that it's a race or anything. I just want to get my real Christmas Knitting projects underway.

Stay tuned for more tales of smooshy.

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Knitting B said...

Lovely socks! And I love the name of the yarn.