Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bavarian Socks

I started a new pair of socks. I know, I haven't sewn my sweater together yet but I can't do that at night, the lighting is bad and I have to be fully awake. I haven't even done the shoulder seams yet. This weekend...promise. It'll be sewn, collar knitted and fully blocked. I will get up at 5AM to work on it this Saturday and have the collar done by lunchtime if we don't go pumpkin picking.

(Crappy out of focus picture in fluorescent lighting.)

I have been thinking about knitting this pair of socks for the longest time. I knew that I wanted to make them out of Cherry Tree Hill because you get alot of yardage. There are 72 sts casted on so it can't be a fatter yarn. It also has to be a smooth yarn so the cables look beautiful. CTH it is. I really think that this is my most favorite yarn. I do like knitting with STR but they're so skimpy, the price went up and I hate the feeling of "I'm running out of yarn" which would certainly happen with this being it's a cable pattern. I wanted to choose a lighter color but only had this one, burgundy and lilac in my stash. I nearly went with the lilac, which was already wound into a ball. Instead, I chose this and had to wind it three times before I had no tangles. Lord knows why, it must've been the gremlins again attacking my ball winder. It's easier to do this with a lighter color but I think the teal will look really nice. We'll see.

In any event, I casted on last night and knit the cuff. I am doing these one at a time (SURPRISE!) because the pattern is very obvious and it'll be easy to count the rows. Also, I couldn't deal with the ball winder yesterday, I was very tired.

Time to do some e-banking before my bank fails!

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