Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Autumn Sky

Today started out as a cool almost cold day but it warmed up to cloudy and then cleared. It didn't feel like autumn all day. In fact, I was wondering how the leaves will look in Rhinebeck; I'm suspecting they'll be at peak in two weeks. Here on Long Island, things are just beginning to make the change. It's nearly Autumn in New York.

I went back to visit the tree from yesterday's Eye Candy so I figured I'd show you the rest of it.
Kids got new boots today, they've grown so much since last year. They're like, real kids now. I look at the moms pushing strollers, changing diapers and thinking how foreign that is to me. It's somewhat bittersweet I guess but it seems like eons ago that I was doing that. Not that its all that much easier now but at least I don't have to carry food, drink, extra diapers, diaper changing pad, wipes and a change of clothes for all of us. Instead, I carry half knitted socks.

BTW, please notice she got HOT PINK boots and wanted their picture taken. No way that I'd lose her on the playground!

Other than her shoes, I know everything looks pretty ... well, green. I wanted to head over to the Massapequa Lake today and we may do that tomorrow morning depending on how the kids feel and how the days going. The leaves ARE changing closer to the water but there was some color at the park. Just a hint here and there...

But you can't really notice it unless you look, see what I mean?

Let's hope they change nice and slowly and we don't have a hurricane or a bad wind storm that will knock them all off.
I know, I know, I'm keeping you all in suspense about actual knitting and even some sewing stuff. I promise, tomorrow's post will talk about both and even have some pictures. Maybe NOTHING about leaves, architecture, roots, flowers and the sky.
Ok, maybe almost nothing. You know I like things that are outside.

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