Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Am Sick Today...Blah!

I got sinus cooties, guys. Yesterday, I went to work but I was in a fog all day. I have pain over my left eye somethin' fierce. I woke up last night and, as one of my kids would say, "Only one of my noses worked". I used that Simply Saline stuff and Claritin-D before, during and after bed but I'm still clogged up. So, I used sick day #5 for the year. I hardly ever call in sick and it's better to call in sick than to go to work and do something wrong that will come back to bite me later.

I don't know how restful today will be, school is closed for the Jewish Holiday and the kids are home. The world doesn't stop when you're the mommy. There's still homework, scout meetings, baking, karate, piano lessons. laundry, cooking dinner. There's still the ongoing series: Trying to find the Kitchen Counter. It should be, like, a game show. A bunch of women, their kitchens and their mess and seeing who can clean off their counter the fastest and most effectively. Put away things that you have no idea what they do.

I must show you these pictures....awhile back we took down a giant oak tree. It was simply too close to the house after we added the extension and, sadly, had to go. It must've caused some weird spores to come alive from the rotting roots and these hard mushrooms grew. HARD, like tree bark. They weren't smooshy at all.

There's three ugly clumps of them. At first I was blaming the dog for ripping up something but, alas, she was behaving herself. They don't look hard so I tried to remove them but I couldn't budge them at all. DH had to get a spade and dig them out.

Ok, finally, knitting time. I must make some today! Look at my Shawl Collar Sweater, nearly done and shaping up very nicely. Should be done in time for Rhinebeck without a hitch.
I'm being summoned by DD...she wants me "now".

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