Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I give thee..Zigzag Sock #1

Yes, I know that I usually knit two at once but this time, I didn't. I was winding up a ball of my beloved Cherry Tree Hill one morning before work and it and I were having issues. Firstly, the ball jumped off the winder. I usually don't believe my son when he says, "It happened all by itself" but that's exactly what happened. The ball jumped off the winder and the swift moved swiftly and all of the yarn in progress was instantly a mess. After untangling that, I tried again and successfully got a ball, sort of. So, I put it in a box under my desk and rewound it up and then had a similar tangling problem. The third time was a charm. I wasn't going to tempt fate and try to wind two small balls and I was already late for work.

So, I started this sock on Thursday night at knit nite. I finished it on Sunday, not really working on it all that much, this pattern was much easier than it looked and went quite fast. Easier than Embossed Leaves but not easier than Waving Lace.
Sorry about the bad pictures, I will take nicer ones in daylight for Ravelry. The inside fluorescent lighting doesn't do justice to this lovely yarn and lovely sock.
I loved the way the picked up stitches came out. I also love the star toe. I didn't put the needle through the loops and pull, I used Kitchener stitch.

I'm not sure if I like it better than the standard toe or not. It's easier to do and looks kind of nice but I can feel it when I walk.

Time to get the kids up and ready for school, stay tuned for sock #2.

Four more days until Rhinebeck!!! It's supposed to rain, dagnamit....

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