Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, September 21, 2007

Knit Night!

Last night was knit night at The Village Knitter in Babylon Village. After a grueling day at the rockpit, I headed out and arrived a little late. The good thing about working late is that I can make it from my office to the Village Knitter in about 9 minutes. The bad thing is that I really don't like to work until nearly 7 o'clock.

Anyway, I made a few new friends. Sorry ladies, it's been 12 hours and I have forgotten your names!!! We have Erica with a pocketbook to be:

and a brand new knitter on her first project, a scarf out of beautiful yarn! I am so proud of her, her stitches are all nice and even and the choice of color is very lovely indeed!

and a nice pretty plushy baby hat, not a first, but an early project. It is very soft and pretty, too!

I didn't want to show you another still uncompleted picture of the Tofutsies so I'll so you a picture of my sock family. They're all saying good bye to the dark blue broad spiral ribbed socks which are currently in transit to my aunt in Florida. She should receive them today.

In other news, the puppy who is now a dog has been enrolled in Doggie School and starts Wednesday the 26th. Stay tuned to see if they have to send her to reform school. Remember the baby fish? They've all been incorporated into the general population. Some of them are soon to be parents! It seems that none of the babies were boys. This may very well be a bad thing. First off, there will inevitably be some incest. Secondly, I will need a bigger fishtank. Good thing I don't raise gerbils. We'll have to wait and see. Experts can tell which are the girls and which are the boys at about six or seven weeks. I know that the black tailed ones are certainly girl fish; however, the blonde ones are younger and haven't really developed yet.
My oldest dog, Bonnie, has developed a tumor and has bad arthritis. She is going to be checked out at the vet tomorrow to see how she's doing. She had her fourteenth birthday July 14th and is really starting to show her age. I am sad.
Speaking of pets, the kids are well. DD loves school and DS is settling in, finally. So far, it's been going very well. I hope he doesn't tell the teacher that he's a superhero and dives off the desk and uses his 'powers'. DH is working very hard at his job and hasn't smoked in over six weeks! I am very proud of him. He's even exercising a bit but has still gained a little weight. I don't care, he's relatively normal sized anyway, just large enough to need the undersized extra large Wallaby.
As for the crochet baby blanket, that may get done tomorrow! I have about 25 squares, I think I will make it 7x6 or 6x6. I need to edge in white and either crochet or sew together nice and neatly. Then, we can start a baby blanket that will be knitted for a baby that is due Christmas Day.
Well, time to rouse the children and get them off to school!

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