Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Pix - Crochet Time!

Good Morning, another rainy weekend. We were supposed to cover our pool today but I don't think that that is going to happen. It's 64 and rainy and husband is off at work for about three hours. Perfect knitting weather!

The baby blanket is currently underway. I can make a square in only a few minutes and it's much faster for me to crochet a baby blanket than it is to knit one. I have one to finish by October and one for a December baby that is due on Christmas Day. I think these squares have just moved up to be my current portable project. The yarn is Paton's Astra that I had from a previous project. The pattern is nothing special, my own. This will be a boy blanket and I may do the edges in baby blue, haven't decided, that or white. I lean towards white on these things for some reason. I figure I have to make 36 squares, probably this will be 6x6, each square is about 6 inches across plus a small edging around the entire thing to even it up.

Meanwhile, in sock land.. do they look ANY bigger??? I guess they do. I am nearly ready to start the heel flaps. Being the baby blanket is mindless crochet, I can do that when I'm tired. As for the socks, my goal is to get to the heels today and then get up to the foot (two at once, feet?) no later than Monday. If I get up early enough every day next week, I can probably sail through the feet in two days. Then, I can screw up the toes and leave it to age properly for two or three months along with the Jaywalkers.

They are very pretty though. It's just the constant ribbing takes alot out of me...and I knit continental because I am really a crocheter at heart. Next pair of socks will be big man socks. I just haven't decided whether or not to make them out of wool. I am missing wool a bit. The baby blanket is acrylic, the socks are Tofutsies and the Wallaby is cotton/acrylic. I may need a Cherry Tree Hill or a STR (I have Mudslide on hand!!) for a wool fix.
Pictures of my sock family and staff are coming. Please stay tuned.

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