Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keep on Truckin'

Yesterday, I went to NYC to do some work. I took my camera with the intent of photographing my sock in Times Square. I didn't get to do it. I also didn't get to eat lunch or stop working from the time I arrived (9:45am) until about 6:50. I was famished! Good thing I can afford to miss a meal. I am telecommuting today so that I can actually do work as opposed to going to the office to do a bunch of meetings...or one big giant long one. Thank goodness for telecommuting.

I'm still not a seamstress. I hemmed my son's karate pants and they look awful. My DD gets her uniform on Thursday so at least I get another shot at my white thread all ready! I did sew the patch on very nicely though. (flashback: having to do crewel embroidery of the Girl Scouts emblem circa 1973, damn satin stitch, endless. Buttonhole stitch: not too bad.)

Anyway, I have another problem. The pink wallaby is done and will be mailed to my niece in FL. who is about 2 1/2 now. The blue wallaby, for her brother, is well underway but I must've miscounted and I have one less stitch in the body. Yes, I'm a perfectionist and it's going to be frogged, four inches. C'est la vie! C'est la guerre! At least it wasn't hacked by DD, a/k/a "Texas Chain Saw Massacre Kid". I'll rip it out back to the ribbing to fix this.

So, being I rode the train yesterday, I got to work on the Tofutsies..They look soooo much bigger, hah? ... ahem......I've had it, time for the heel! I have to get these done. I am working with acrylic on the blanket, cotton / acrylic for the wallaby and the tofutsies. I am having wool withdrawal.

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