Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Monday, September 10, 2007

Some Things Never Change!

So, here it is September 10. My DD is four today. FOUR. That went so incredibly fast. Not only does she no longer need me but she's really not a baby any longer. We had a cake for her yesterday. She was so excited all day. I would think that she won't be able to contain herself today. She also promised to stop sucking her thumb when she turned four so let's see what happens.
She is really looking more and more like her mommy every day, I feel like I'm looking in the mirror alot of the time.

As for me, it's still going slowly. Saturday morning, I ripped out about six rows of sailor's ribbing. I put it back and then Saturday night ripped it out again. As you can see, the socks aren't really any bigger. I must have brain issues, this is not a hard pattern. It's that through the back loop thing that just blows my mind. That and it's so simple that I don't pay attention. I must be a lace girl. The Wallaby is in need of a pouch and I will try to get that going today. I have been doing some mindless knitting around and around on that one, maybe past the point of where I should've gone and now I have to count rows to make the pocket line up perfectly. That's ok. I've made this twice before now so this one should be cake. Just like the socks, cake.....ahem...

As you can plainly see, the socks aren't any bigger. Speaking of which, I have some time this morning so let me work on the socks a bit. I'm going to try to get through the heels today.
In other news, I thought I would update you on my fishtanks. I don't have any pictures of the baby fish but they've been mixed in with the general population now. I have a bunch of mid sized blonde guppies. My male black guppy has passed away but his lovely daughter, alas, is expecting. She's very young for this so we're keeping an eye on her. After all, in fish years, this would be a teen pregnancy. The pretty male guppy that was formerly attacked by the wicked skunk loach pictured below, finally has his tail growing back. I really do like the skunk loach but he just doesn't play nice. He has met his match in the gourami tank and things are much better. He doesn't mess with Brutus, my largest 'ready for the grill' blue opaline gourami. In fact, no one messes with Brutus, not even me.
I took this picture late at night, the only time the little feller comes out to terrorize the other fish. It's a bad picture but at least you get to see him. I think it's a him...hard to tell.
In any event, off to rib!

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