Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, September 14, 2007

No New Picture Friday, Part Deux

Here it is, Friday. I am really slacking in posting. I've just been so swamped, kids are back at school, house is a mess, I'm enjoying my new washing machine. I don't even know if I told you about that or not, that's how much my head is spinning.

Well, cliff notes: Old 15 year old washing machine crapped out and we got a new one. It has all these nifty settings and I love it. Washing clothes has never been so much fun! So much fun that I have been neglecting the rest of the house.

There is junk everywhere. I have to call 1-800-GOT-JUNK and have them come in and throw everything out. But, there is just so much that I want and need. I just need a bigger place to keep my stuff.

I haven't been doing all that much knitting. I will show you some pictures tomorrow but don't get your hopes up. Things have been kinda the same. I am not knitting at lightening speed at all.

The Jaywalkers: Still on the back burner.
The Poncho: Still needs to be blocked and fringed.
The Tofutsies: Still knitting the legs, slow going, I tell you.
The Wallaby: Much progress but needs the pouch to be added.
The Baby Blanket: No where near done.
The Baby that will receive the Baby Blanket: 1 month till he comes! (It is a boy!)

AND, I have a nice new camera and no new pictures to show you.

Tomorrow, husband is working in the morning for awhile. I will probably let the kids sleep in until 8 or so and then have some alone time. Maybe even time for an illustrated post!

As for now, kids are jumping all over the place, have to go and watch them and knit some socks!

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